Monday, September 20, 2010


The girls started Pre-School last week. I forgot my camera for the drop-off, but remembered at pick-up time. I'll take some more this week in front of the gorgeous mural right outside their room.

They both had a wonderful time. No tears here, they love this stuff. They are both very independent and enjoy being with other kids.

I found Allison coloring a picture for me.


And Emily was just finished with her project.


I'm really looking forward to this year for them. They are in separate classrooms and so far are doing great. We thought it best to start them apart this year knowing we would have them in separate rooms for kindergarten next year. I love that they can come home and each have their own stories to share. No tears over their sister getting to tell all the good parts first. And yesterday they came home and played extremely well together. I think that couple hour break is going to do them a lot of good.


Ruth H. said...

That sounds great! I think the less competition you can create for them, the better. I know sometimes as parents it is more convenient to have our close-in-age kids in the same place at the same time, but sometimes it is better for them not to have a sibling stealing all their thunder.

twolittletots said...

My twin girls just started preschool this year as well...they are in the 3 year old class and loving it. They are in the same class, but I think it will be next year or when they start school full time they will be in separate that they played well together.

I think my girls need a break from each other even at this age!

Jessica said...

Love Allie's pink chucks!!