Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Just call her Jack


Jack-O-Lantern that is

On Sunday night Allison lost her first tooth! It looked like it was about to fall out so I told her she could just pull it out and she said "you do it Mama." And I did! She was a little shocked, but bounced right back. I'm surprised at how much her teeth moved over just to make room for her new teeth. It looks like she's lost one on both sides, but she's only lost one so far.

I thought that Emily was going to have a really hard time with this one, given the way she reacted to her sister having show-and-tell before her at pre-k this week. But she handled it really well. And just to make sure, the Tooth Fairy left her a little note too.

Here is what they said:

Dear Allison,

I'm so glad your first tooth finally came out today. You see I've been very busy lately. It seems that September is a popular month for kids to lose their teeth. And fortunately for me I already had several children to visit in xxxxxxxxx tonight.

Losing your first tooth is a very big deal. It means you are getting to be a BIG kid. And with that comes a lot of helping your mom and dad more at home and playing nicely with your sister and brother. I sure hope that you also know how important it is to brush your teeth twice a day and to start flossing too. And make sure you visit the dentist twice a year. He will give me updates on your dental health which of course is very important to me.

I also hear that you just had a Birthday. Happy Birthday! You are such a sweet girl and I know you are very loved by Jesus and your family. It made my heart so happy to hear you tell your daddy that you love Jesus more than anything else.


MJ Tooth Fairy
SW Area Coordinator


Dear Emily,

My heart was so happy tonight to see how excited you were for your sister to lose her first tooth. It takes a very loving little girl to think of others before herself and you did a great job of showing love to your sister. Jesus is very proud of you too.

I'm sure it will be your turn to lose a tooth soon enough. Just know that I am patiently waiting until I can visit you again. Your teeth will start getting loose as soon as they are ready and not a moment before. Remember that God has a perfect plan for your life and He loves you very much.


MJ Tooth Fairy
SW Area Coordinator

It was a lot of fun to write the letters. Growing up my mom wrote elaborate letters from my Tooth Fairy and they were always such a treat to read. I still have every one of them. Thanks mom for starting a fun tradition that I now get to carry on to my own children. Love you!

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Lisa said...

I enjoyed your tooth fairy letters...especially hearing that you still have yours as special keepsakes.