Thursday, September 23, 2010

God hears us when we pray

Do you remember my post about my friend Lisa? Many of you said you were praying so I wanted to give you an update on how God has answered our prayers thus far, in case you aren't following her Caring Bridge journal. By the way, you just need to create an account with Caring Bridge (super easy) to have access to her journal. You can also read her family blog here.

On August 29th, Jason wrote:

"Last Saturday morning we were at Abbott meeting with a Neurosurgeon who told Audrey and I the love of my life had 1-2 weeks to live. In the 24 hours following that meeting 2 more doctors told us high-does steroids may give her some minor movement in her left side but any significant improvement was not likely. One week later Lisa, Jack and I were enjoying the best eats in town at the state fair! Praise God and thank you Jesus for your finished work on the cross where you bore ALL sin, sickness and disease so we don't have too!!

...What we are experiencing is a miracle! It would be easy to simply say the steroids (or some other logical explanation) are why she is walking around; but the Glory belongs to God alone! Please stand with us in resisting the tendency to explain away this awesome miracle. God never promised anymore than today; but today I can take a walk with my bride - something the doctors said would never happen again!"

Lisa was at a Hospice care center from Friday August 27th to Wednesday Sept 1st. She continued to receive Hospice services at home. And she gradually regained her mobility. So much so that they were just able to take a trip to Orlando for Jack's 6th Birthday! Praise the Lord!

Here is what she wrote on her Caring Bridge this morning:

"Well, I got a call from my beloved oncologist, Dr. Steven Duane, last night at 9pm! He had talked with the Brain Tumor Specialist and both agreed that since I've been doing SO WELL, all of the changes they saw were likely only treatment-related (from chemo). They all want me to sign off of hospice! Praise God! :) Making great strides every day~ thank you Jesus"

She is still in a fight for her life, so please join with me in continuing to pray for Lisa and her family.

Lisa, we are so very thankful to God for answering our prayers and giving you more time with your precious family. May he continue to heal your body. Amen.


Young Adventures... said...

This brings such a smile to my face. Praise the Lord!!!

Jessica said...

I'm still smiling BIG from this great news since you told me. God is mighty and I love how eloquently her husband put it that it IS a miracle and not to be explained away. I'm a firm believer in that and I can't stand when others try to water down God's doings in our lives. To HIM be all the glory. Amen.

Marcia said...

God is SO big and it's awesome to see a modern day miracle happening.
Thanks for spreading the word Angel - God is good!