Monday, August 9, 2010

It was bound to happen...


It was hard to be too upset with her. They were washable markers afterall. She hadn't seen herself in the mirror until we went to wash her face. You know what she said? "I look just like Pinkalicious!" Oh Dear, I hope we don't see a repeat or a copycat.

She was pretty surprised to see how she looked so I doubt that had been her intention. Later she told me she was trying to do a "makover". Indeed she had been asking to use my make-up all morning. I guess we need to have a dress-up day here soon.

I consider myself lucky though, not only were they alone with the markers, but there were 2 pairs of scissors on the table too. Whew...

Oh and has anyone read Goldilicious yet?


Hugs said...

Oh my goodness....that just made my day. :0) Hilarious! Whew, good thing the markers were washable.

Maybe for Christmas she will get one of those big Barbie heads to do the makeup and hairstyles on.

Louley's Belles said...

So Cute! Goldilicious is cute as pie too! It's a gotta have!

Amber said... funny. I am sure I would have laughed if it were Reese and so glad she decided to use a washable marker and also happy no "short" bangs appeared :)

Jenn said...

She's pretty darn marker and all ;) That girl's got some spunk...gotta love it!!!! Praise God for WASHABLE markers!! At least she didn't find the Sharpies!!


Jessica said...

He He tell Miss A that she's the prettiest Pinkalicious I ever saw!

Now, about those scissors.......I live in fear of the day our funny, creative little jumpin' beans will decide to play "stylist". Let's hope both of our households escape that one!