Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ready or Not {Big Boy Room}


The day started out pretty rough. Sam announced he was awake with screaming. The kind that makes you run as fast as you can, flying down the stairs. At first I couldn't tell that anything was wrong. He wasn't even standing up in his crib. But then I tried to pick him up. And he didn't budge, he just cried harder. His leg was stuck between the crib slats. I thought, oh I'll just move him to the correct angle to ease him out. He just doesn't know to do that on his own and he got scared. But what I found was that his chubby little leg was protruding about an inch wider than that opening.

After a few more minutes of trying to free him and hearing him scream even louder, I panicked. I ran to get the phone and called David (he was at work) and said I don't know what to do other than call 911. He said he was coming home. Then I called my Dad (he was closer) thinking maybe he could pull the slats apart a little, because I sure couldn't. And then I started thinking of the best place to cut through the slat and what tool I should be looking for. But Sam was clinging to me and I was trying to support the weight of his heavy body to take some of the pressure off. Then I tried some more, pulling up his pant leg to give him a little more room. That didn't help much, they were thin pj's and his body was sweaty so he just stuck more. Which gave me the next idea, I finally thought to run and get the Aquaphore (similar to Vaseline) to put all over his little knee and the bars. Oh it was heartbreaking to leave him to run upstairs though. Thankfully, it ended up being his saving grace. One hard push and he was free. Surprisingly he bounced back pretty well. He does have a nasty bruise though. After breakfast we went for a walk and he did just fine. We finished with Popsicles on the front step.




Once David got home tonight, we immediately left for the furniture store and bought a mattress set for him and another little gem to start getting his Big Boy room started. I'll be back in a few to share the plans.

Here's to no more crib accidents.

And here's to hoping that my good sleeper doesn't turn escape artist.


Heather L. said...

Poor little boy!!! I am so sorry that happened. I can imagine that happening to Carter, too - his little thighs are SOOO chubby and his feet are always sticking through the crib slats like that. I am glad he is ok - and excited to see what you'll be doing in his room! I love a good room makeover =)

Jessica said...

Oh my goodness Angel! My heart was beating FAST reading your post. I'm so glad he's okay. That's scary, scary, scary. I know those seconds you were gone getting the Aquaphor must have felt like hours for you. ((Hugs)) I'm SO glad he's okay (and you too!).

Completely not relevant but...he does look mighty cute in that 3rd picture!! The colors POP! Hmmm...could it be the aqua/red combo? :)

Anonymous said...

Ethan has gotten his leg stuck TWICE in between the crib slats. The first, a babysitter was here. She's older, and a mom, so she handled it just fine. The second, Steve and I were home, and he started crying 45 minutes after we put him down -- which is unusual. You know, he never cries. At first it was just some whimpering, so we left him, then about twenty minutes in, it was a full-on cry, and i was like, "What is going on?" So I finally went in. Can you imagine what a horrible mom I felt like to find that his leg had been stuck that whole time, and we'd left him there to cry, thinking he just needed to put himself back to sleep. I had to call Steve from downstairs to try and "unstuck" him. It was bad! When Baby #2 arrives and grows out of the bassinette, it is big boy bed for E. -- Sara

Amber said...

So scary!! These moments are the worst!!! Glad everyone is fine! Poor Sam :(

Stink Bone Jones said...

Goodness, I felt so bad for you and your son. My son once got stuck in his crib but I was able to pull the slats apart some. I'm so glad he is ok and love all your ideas for his big boy room. I can't wait to see how it all turns out. I'm so ready to redone my son's room but he won't part with his race car bed.