Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The letter of the day is...

I am in love with this photo.


And this one...


and this one...


I am so doing this over the bookshelf in our playroom. I just did some quick searching and found these fabulous letters to get started with.

Wire letters from Pottery Barn Teen

And Craft Cuts offers a ton of options. You can choose color, size and font for any letter. Even up to 48"H. Check out all the options right here. They've even got fun Scrabble letters. They come as large as 9"x9".


Look here for more reasonably prices letters too.

But, thanks to all the comments on this post, I'll be starting my search at Hobby Lobby. I just found out there is one about an hour away and they have great prices. They've got this, this, this, and this, in every letter. Wow!

This flea market is also penciled in on my calendar. Then I'll fill in from the above links if necessary.

And my friend Colleen tipped me off that the large wooden button in the first pic is at JoAnn! I tried to get there today, but with sick kiddos, I'm homebound. Maybe Friday.


Amber said...

How fun is this!!! Can't wait to see the finished product!

Nancy B. said...

I've seen that letter "n" one somewhere before. Do you have a Hobby Lobby where you live? They have large chip board letters for under $5 that you can modge podge paper on, super cute! I love that big button for the "o" - this is such a cute idea! Can't wait to see when it's all done.

Angel said...

I didn't think we had a Hobby Lobby but I just looked again and there is one just an hour away. And another right by that flea market I want to go it. So excited! Just looked at their site and they have a ton of options on-line. Looks like this will be happening even sooner than I thought it could.

Laura @ Ms Smartie Pants said...

I love this too! I'm thinking the "o" looks like dog food dish painted and drilled maybe or how about one of those wooden salad bowls at Goodwill. Lots of cool stuff!

Jessica said...

LOVE alphabet walls! Here's one that I've had marked in my idea file for a while - love the bright colors!


Hobby Lobby has great letter selections. The "H" from Hudson's balloon wreath came from there ($2). They have a good assortment of metal, pressed cardboard, etc.

Do you remember the "READ" wall from Meg Duerksen's blog? Her letters were from H.Lobby. They carry the gold leaf ones pretty much year round (pretty cheap too). We have an "M" from our wedding that's waiting a nice little coat of aqua blue :)

Can't wait to see how it turns out! Oh and that flea market sounds fabulous!

Jenn said...

Laughing because I have been OBSESSED with this idea this week too :) I just got a TON of the letters at Jo-Anns (they are $1 off this week) and have them laid out on my floor as we speak :) Were we separated at birth????


Mommy of Two 24/7 said...

I love that alphabet wall! Totally want to do that for the kid's playroom! :)


Ruth H. said...

Well, if you are going to Hobby Lobby....I was in there a few weeks ago, and they had the most FABULOUS metal letters. They weren't in the craft supplies area, where you'll find several varieties of chipboard and wood letters. They were in the home decor area, with other metallic accessories. There were several fonts to choose from, but my favorite was a really intricately cut font in an oil rubbed bronze finish. I hope you can find them!

Angel said...

Thanks for the tip Laura, I will be keeping my eye out for those at Goodwill.

Jessica, that one is gorgeous too! Love that "O" too and all the fun colors. And yes, I've been obsessed with Meg's READ and EAT signs. I had no idea they could be found at HL. I have SO been missing out!

Jenn, I think we were parted at birth! LOL Are you doing this in the nursery? I can't wait to see it and his whole room.

Thanks Ruth, I will for sure scour their entire store.

Thanks everyone for the help!

Megilon said...

What a fun idea! I would think that you could create letters from all sorts of found objects. Sounds like a fun project, can't wait to see the finished project.

Colleen/And Baby Makes Five said...

Such a cute idea!

I was just over at Jo-Ann Fabrics poking around and saw that they had two sizes of buttons like the one displayed here. They were 50% off in the "Vintage D├ęcor" section.

Can't wait to see what you do with your display!

Kori said...

So cute! The idea would be cute for the kids names too in there room -

Melissa said...

So fun! I'd love to do this in our play room. But, alas, it is also the family room and where DH has his monthly poker games, so I don't think he'd go for it!
It would be cute to do with the kiddo's name in their own rooms though.
Thanks for sharing the idea. :)

Melissa said...

Oh, there are also some cute letters right now at Michaels in the dollar spot.