Saturday, July 17, 2010

Junk Bonanza

Oh my! I just checked out The Nester's "Nest Files" site and found this little gem. How can I live here and not have heard of this before now?!?! I guess my thrifting radar needs improvement.


Road trip anyone?
Shakopee, MN is is just across the river from us (6 minutes)
and events like these are much more fun with a group of friends.


Jenn said...

Oh don't tempt me. Seriously. I'm not coming...I'm not coming ;)

We get Money magazine in the mail (I have no idea why because we didn't subscribe to it...kind of funny...since we have no money right now...HA!) There was an article on The best town to live in...and guess what won #1??? are living in the lap of luxury!!


Kori said...

OMG how fun sooo tempting - I have been on the clean out mode this summer this place could be dangerous HAHA!

Amber said...

Oh why can't I live closer!!!! Looks like so much fun!

Susie said...

FUN. I didn't know it existed. We go out there all the time for horse races.

AND i didn't know you lived in MN!