Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The goods

The dresser is sanded and the first coat of woodfiller has been applied. I didn't think Sam would appreciate a flower on his dresser as he gets older. And thankfully all the drawers are in good working order. Except for one of the large ones. But it's nothing a little wood glue and our nail gun can't fix.


The quilt has been purchased and pillow shams are on order. I picked up some 400 ct sheets at Target today along with red, navy and blue jumbo ric rac to add along the top edge or his sheet and the pillow case. And David picked up his bed during lunch today.

Do you see the cute little doll chairs up there too? I went to a different Goodwill today and found these two matching chairs, in perfect condition for $3ea. Score! How fun would they be spray painted in aqua for American Girl dolls someday?


And it's official, Sam will be having a Green Eggs and Ham 3rd Birthday party next year. I know, I know, he's not even 2 yet. But since we will be celebrating his 2nd Birthday in the Magic Kingdom this year, he'll just have a tiny little get together with family and cake right before we leave. Mmm...cake... And since Target has some fun Dr. Seuss things in the dollar section right now, I couldn't resist buying 10 of these for goodie bags (I think I should pick up more just in case though) and a few fun things to go inside. His name is Sam after-all, how could I not? And you better believe I'll be stealing a few of Jessica's ideas from her son's Dr. Seuss party.

Wish us luck! Tonight will be Sam's first night sleeping in his new bed. It was a little bittersweet to tuck him in to his crib the last time for his nap today. Project crib-take-down will commence in about an hour. Or as my husband just said "Wonder if he'll stay in bed or give us many.. ahem... opportunities to tuck him in tonight."


inday_adin said...

Good look on your project! I am sure it will turn out great. Can't wait to see it.

Adin B

Colleen/And Baby Makes Five said...

Hooray for the $1 aisle at Target! There's just so much goodness to play around with, isn't there?

I hope Sam goes easy on you guys tonight, though it's always taken a few rough nights here.

Can't wait to see your makeover magic take shape!

Amber said...

Love the chairs!!! They remind me of the rocking chair I found at Goodwill for Reese's dolls :)

I started thinking today...hmm..what should I do for Reese's 3rd bday...maybe a Sundea party....crazy right :) Oh well...it is just how we are.

Good lick with Sam tonight...it is such a fun and sad milestone :)

Jenn said...

Everything looks great! I am dying here though...seriously. We were separated at birth! I just got those bags and other Seuss items at Target this week for my own Sam's b-day...HA!! Wow...we are getting scary :)


Jessica said...

Love the "I am Sam" birthday and incorporating some of that orange too! I have some cute Seuss inspired ideas I'll have to send your way...sometime in the next 18 months - HA HA HA.

Angel said...

Thanks everyone! Oh and Sam did a fab-u-lous job last night and for nap today. Laid right down, not a peep and stayed in bed. Seriously, too good to be true!

Amber you are too funny. :)

And Jenn, that IS scary! hehe Wonder what will happen next?

Jessica, I would love more party ideas, yes we DO have plenty of time. ;)