Sunday, July 18, 2010

Big Boy Room: Part I {The Plan}

I had originally been dreaming about this bedding and color scheme from Pottery Barn Kids. I even thought I could probably paint a pretty decent Fire Truck on canvases.


But then the Fire Truck bedding either sold out or was discontinued. So sad. So then I had my heart set on the red star quilt from there instead. I could still paint his upper walls chocolate brown and add white beadboard all the way around the room. He's already got red gingham PBK curtains. I could still add some fire engine details to make it fun.

Then, after today's episode I started thinking of less expensive options since this needed to happen asap. Here's what I came up with next. It's all from Target, except for the Star Wars pillow and glow-stars for the ceiling which are from PBK. Cute huh? Ok, so it's a little over-the-top themed. But I was trying to think of what a little boy would think was fabulous and fun to grow up with.


I figured David would like this one even more given his love of space and the stars. He dresmed of going to Space Camp as a young boy and now he has a huge telescope. Oh and don't tell him I told you, but he loves to watch shuttle launches on NASA tv too. He even took me to Kennedy Space Center on our honeymoon. So I was pretty surprised to find he didn't care for the space theme. And he especially didn't like the cute robot bedding (just $30 for the twin 4-pc set at Target). What? So back to the drawing board.

Next, he really liked the Pirate quilt at PBK, but I didn't care of it. For that price, I thought it was kind of boring. One simple applique, I could have done that myself. Oh and guess what we are watching right now? Pirates of the Caribbean. His choice of course...hehe...

So now we are pretty sure it will be the Freeport bedding set. It's on sale, and we both love it. I like that it's not "little boy" cute and it can grow with him. And how fun that the black and white photos I took of sailboats in San Francisco Bay (back when you had to put black and white film in your camera...I feel ancient now) will be perfect hanging on his walls too.


Sam's room is teeny-tiny, so my goal will be for it to feel really cozy. We both like the dark blue (not quite navy) wall color for above white beadboard. But I'm also liking the idea of the horizontal bold stripes. What do you think? Solid or striped?

Oh and that gem we picked up on our way home tonight? Well, I noticed that there was a new Goodwill store right by the furniture store we were at and asked on a whim if I could run in and see if they had any furniture. I've never actually been inside a Goodwill, but I've donated countless times. I've always kind of worried that I would see something I gave away and wish I hadn't (ahem...Madam Alexander dolls). Anyway, they had a great looking dresser for $35 which I'm planning to sand, paint and distress. It's long and low and has 8 drawers. It looked to be in pretty good condition, but after we bought it I said "Hmm...I suppose it would have been a good idea if we had pulled it all the way out and checked to see that every drawer was in good shape, huh?" Can you tell I'm new to this whole thrifting thing? David is picking it up after work tomorrow and I'm excited to get my hands on it.


I'm trying to decide if it should be painted white, dark blue (same as the walls) or red. It will be against white beadboard, so I supposed white should be out, but maybe it would be ok if I kept the top the wood color like the dresser in the above idea board. What's your opinion? Red, white or blue? I adore red, but maybe it's better to keep the red to a minimum and use it in just a few key accessories? The blue might be best to help keep it cohesive and soothing. Help!

Oh and those painted numbers up there? PBK is selling them for $35. Per. Number. Ouch! It's just painted on wood and distressed. I'm going to try to make them myself. They'll be fun to teach Sam his numbers with. And I have a feeling I can find some old nautical pieces at the Junk Bonanza, that will be my goal (along with vintage camera, a typewriter, globes and letters). I love that navy striped canvas bucket too.

Now for the bed. There is a strange nook in Sam's teeny-tiny room that's about 5" deeper than a mattress is wide, but only 1 inch (if that) longer than a mattress is long. There would be no room for a headboard or footboard, but it just looks like it's begging to have a bed tucked in there. And to put a bed anywhere else really takes up too much of the floor space. This whole time (I'm talking years) I had been thinking we needed to build something in there, a platform with storage under it for a mattress to sit on. I had been planning on making this plan from Knock-Off-Wood. It looks simple enough. But then I saw that people were saying it cost them $250 to make. Not so good. Finally David said, what about just the plain metal bed rails? Seriously? Yeah, why not? They are actually shorter than a mattress, so they would fit. I can't believe this had never occurred to me. I've been so anti-plain-bedrails my whole life that I hadn't even let myself think about it. So $50 later, we have bedrails which will be picked up with the mattress set on Tuesday. Of course that means a bedskirt now too and I have an extra red gingham curtain panel that I'll turn into a straight, tailored skirt. No ruffles in here.

Funny, but the one thing I'm looking forward to most is putting my favorite book front and center on a shelf over his dresser. The sailor Dog is seriously a cute book. If you don't have it, you really should buy it. I loved it growing up and the girls really like it too. So of course we'll need to include a hook for his hat, a hook for his rope, and a hook for his spyglass.

"Born at sea in the teeth of a gale, the sailor was a dog.
Scuppers was his name."


Jessica said...

Okay, you know I love a good re-do so here are some thoughts...but first, I'm so excited that you're getting into the whole thrifting vibe! Maybe we can meet up at a fun junkin' spot next year :)

Since the room is pretty small and you're using the beadboard I'd say solid blue for the top part of the walls...but I would paint the dresser red and distress it to make it a statement piece.

The blue walls will be easier to accessorize than the stripes. A vintage lifesaver ring distressed and painted with his initials or "Sam" would be fun.

And just a word of caution against the rope...actually 3 words... "curious little boy"... I've seen too many accidents to count so sorry for adding that downer amidst all the fun bedroom planning.

I would splurge on the navy/white canvas tote and go for the "steal" on the numbers - I've seen your hand drawn appliques and embroidery designs - you can DEFINITELY paint those yourself.

And while you're on the hunt for letters for your alpha wall, how about hunting down a fun "S" for the little guy and some vintage books with his name on the cover (I think we have one called Cowboy Sam - he, he, he).

And if you're feeling really adventurous, how about letting him paint a canvas or some archival quality paper that you can frame. I'd limit the paint colors to your color palette for cohesiveness but maybe throw in a fun unexpected shade like aqua which goes well with red/white/blue. Would be fun to have that little piece of artwork to commemorate his transition to a big boy room and the age he was when he moved in that room.

And finally, is there anything of Dave's from when he was little that you could put on a shelf or on top of his dresser? That would be a fun little detail...bonus points if you find a photograph of Dave when he was little dressed in some sort of sailor outfit.

Okay - I think I just took up the entire comment space :O

Colleen/And Baby Makes Five said...

Love the nautical bedding and color theme, Angel! I too would go with blue on the upper walls and red for the dresser. And you can definitely paint the numbers yourself.

It all sounds perfect to grow with ... bright and fun. Can't wait to see!

So glad the little guy recovered well. Have you?!

inday_adin said...

I too love the Nautical Theme for the little boy's room. I think it is fun! :) Good Luck and share some photos! :)

twolittletots said...

thanks for stopping by the other day. i have followed your blog for a few months, but had no idea you lived in MN. a girlfriend just bought a doll from you last week too...what a small world!

love the room ideas. the girls have been in big girl beds since Christmas and i am finally getting to add some stuff to the walls again...a post is coming soon on that one!

Anonymous said...

I hope this allows me to leave a comment, even though I don't have an official identity -- according to I agree with Dave -- I do NOT like the star theme, so I'm glad that is out. And, I agree with Jessica -- solid blue on top -- Sam's room is too small to handle the stripes, and she's right, easier to accessorize without having to manage the stripes. I'd also do the red dresser, distressed or otherwise. And are we talking wooden letters? What about getting them at Michaels and painting them yourself? All right, that's my two cents. -- Sara

Amber said...

Love all of the ideas but I have always love a nautical theme for a light boys room!!! I completely agree with Jessica...and since she took up so much room I will leave it at that...hehe!!

Can't wait to see the finished product.

Welcome to the thrifting group :)