Thursday, May 13, 2010

Getting Ready

First of all...I found my cf card!!! And it's all because of Jessica. Really, it is! If she wasn't coming today and I hadn't asked David to take the day off so I can meet her at the airport, and if he wasn't carpooling the girls to school today so I could cook and bake up a storm, I would have had no reason to look in my wallet. Seriously! I hate carrying a purse and rarely use a wallet. I'm always leaving them in restaurants or shopping carts. I'd call it "Mommy brain" but this has been my story since way before kids. Instead my life is stuffed in my back pocket. So for some reason (I must have been wearing a skirt with no pockets at the time) I removed my cf card and stuck it in there. And when I went to look for the teacher's e-mail address (to tell her David would be picking up the girls today instead of me, and to please hand them over to him), in my wallet, there it was (in a compartment I never open) where it would likely have sat for probably 6 months had Jessica not decided to come to town today.

I'll thank her properly when she gets here. Like with Meg's peanut butter pie and the quintessential MN chicken wild rice soup (it's raining today) and sweet tea. Yum!

So, what was on this card you say? My little man has discovered crayons and coloring.

How can this be?

He's still my baby!



He even changes colors!


I better get our art gallery set up in the playroom. Three little Picaso's are waiting on me. Oh, and the crayons are still a mess. I didn't succumb to the madness. ;)

Jessica just called to say their plane will be late about 3 hours. Boo hoo! But...that means that ALL of us can meet them at the airport now. And I won't feel silly carrying my big camera in with me and David can be our car-seat guru, instead of having to teach me how to do it.

I am ready for a FUN week-end!!!


Colleen/And Baby Makes Five said...

Hooray! I'm so glad you finally found that darn card...

Have a fabulous get-together weekend now that it's time to sit back and enjoy all of the fruits of your cooking, cleaning, and baking labor. Enjoy! Enjoy!

zoom yummy said...

Yaaaay, your kids are sooo cute. Have a fabulous weekend :) Petra