Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Celebrations, Stamps, OCD and Fabric

On Saturday we celebrated my sweet grandmother's 86th Birthday.


On Sunday the kids surprised me with this cute bird jewelry dish from Pottery Barn.

I may or may not have left the window to this dish, open on the computer.

And I may or may not have said "I'd love this for Mother's Day." Because I'm subtle like that.

And have you seen these serving dishes and mugs? Wow...expensive darling!


Oh look, I found the stamps!

But the 4 gig cf card is still MIA.
And it's really a shame because the 256 mb only held 67 photos for me today.
That won't quite cut it.

If you were a cf card, where would you be hiding?

Oooo...I should probably check inside the piggies.


I have given up putting the crayons back in rainbow order (for today at least). The OCD side of me is really pained to see them in such disarray. Someday I hope to teach them the beauty that is crayons in RAINBOW order, until then I am patiently waiting.

Or I might just sort them all again tonight after they are tucked in bed. Assuming I can wait that long. I'm seriously feeling anxious just looking at this picture. I didn't realize I had a problem until now.

Hello, my name is Angel, and I can't stand it when things are out of order, it makes me crazy.

Is there a support group for that?


Heather Baily just sent me a big box of fabric. We're tight like that. Or at least when I fork over lots of money. Now I can finish my quilt. Yippee!!! The backside will have 6 large horizontal stripes (the far right one is the oddball, it's by Paula Prass...L O V E!). I have a feeling that the backside will be used as the front side more often than not. And looking at this photo, I can tell I'll be rearranging the order until then, a lot. Because I'm so indecisive.

Before I started this quilt I had no idea how much I'd dislike cutting such beautiful fabrics into small pieces. You don't get to see the full pattern, and that just seems wrong. So the back will be my solution. I've decided to hang it over our couch in the living room and the kitchen will be going from red to yellow soon. I'll also change the curtains in those rooms to just plain white. No more "Fall" all year long in our house.


Oh and look what else was in the box. My favorites! I just knew I had to fill up as much as I could on these prints. I won't be using them until next summer, but I'd hate for them to sell out before then. I used my original pieces for the canvases in the girls room.

These will become at least one cute skirt for me, maybe a top too (not to wear together, Silly) and coordinating outfits for the girls next summer.

I can see a fun summer family photo opp. Can't you? With the guys in matching green polos.


Alright, I gotta get back to cleaning...companies coming...soon...


Kim G said...

Angel, you are so funny! I can totally relate to the OCD thing, but it manifests itself in different ways for me. Did you straighten the crayons yet?? I LOVE the Pottery Barn mugs and plates. I think I will order the mugs for my mom's 60th birthday. She collects birdie stuff. Thanks for the tip!! LOVE your blog, I check it daily.

Kim G said...

Oh, and I think you should make button down shirts for Dave and S. in those fabrics for the family photo :o)

Julie said...

If you find a support group, let me know. I have loosened up over the years (since having Carter), but people at work still tease me about how everything on my desk has a specific place and can't be crooked or I have to fix it. Glad to know there are others like me out there!!

Jessica said...

I knew I should've packed the "OCD anonymous" shirt for my trip ;)

Drooling over the fabrics & wool felt!!

I have to tell you about the "super secret project" since it involves two of those sweet fabrics in the last photo and because *sigh* it's not ready for me to hand deliver this week like I'd hoped :(

Let's just say it's a pair of cuddly companions for the girls' room. And because you already know I can't keep surprises, check out this link for a sneak peek:


LOL, at the rate I'm going they may just become birthday gifts for E & A this September!

Okay...back to packing...the un-fun part of traveling.

Kacey said...

Go ahead and just throw the crayons in a tupperware container and call it a day! That's what I ended up doing and it's so much easier for me :-)

Love the backside of your quilt. I haven't finished my (simple) quilt yet, because I was dreading looking for the 100+ inch fabric!! Duh, just use a bunch of different ones!!

Love all the fabrics for your next year's project! Everyone will look darling!!

Amber said...

Yum!!! What a fun post :) I couldn't cut up the fabrics either and that it is why Reese's quilt is made of large squares/rectangles!

I also have a touch of OCD...ok alot :) Guess that is just one more thing we have in common..hehe!