Friday, May 7, 2010

Silver Lining

So after yesterday's litany of mishaps and adventures I figured I should follow it up with the good stuff. Because it's never all bad right? It just feels that way sometimes.

1. I overheard Emily say to David while they were playing "Dad I have to go to the bathroom, can you pause the fun?"

2. I found this dress, two of them, in the same size, on sale at Gymbo this week. I was even able to use a coupon and earn a gymbuck! They were on my wish list to wear to Animal Kingdom in the fall and of course our Zoo too since they have giraffes now. So that's one less outfit I have to think about making for our trip. Now if I could just get the girls to decide on which princess dress they would like me to make for eating at Cinderella's castle.

3. I bought some super cute new-to-us, clothes and shoes, for the girls. Notice a shopping theme here? I was out of chocolate.

4. The girls started up pre-school again for spring, this week and I'm loving some down time with just my boy. And they are signed up for swim lessons at a great place this summer and for "real" full time pre-school at our Church next year. Yay for getting things checked off my to-do list!

5. After only watching this video a couple of times, the girls know what sound all the letters make. I think I should buy the rest in this series. Thanks Amy for the loaner!

6. We took the kids to the MOA for some rides (Sam's first time). I loved that it was a spontaneous outing that the whole family enjoyed. Sam giggled and smiled through the carousel and screamed in delight on the fast and jerky car ride. The boy loves adventure. Poor Emily was in the car behind us crying the whole time. She's definitely not the adventure seeker in the family. Allison and I rode the school bus that goes up and down in circles. I was afraid I'd get sick but Allison laughed and squealed with a big smile on her face the entire ride. it was very worth it.

7. Found out that another friend is having a baby (her third). That's always a reason to rejoice!

8. I have been brought countless bouquets of dandelions. And Allison keeps asking when Mother's Day is and asks why it's taking so long. What a sweet girl! And a very large box from Pottery Barn landed on our doorstep this week with strict instructions for me not to peek.

9. This week Sam has fully mastered the words "up" and "more". And it's so cute that the first thing he says after his nap or when getting up in the morning is "car, car, car", meaning he wants to look out his window to watch for cars.

10. Excedrin really helps!


Jessica said...

Yay for a silver lining! And double Yay for Excedrin!! (Excedrin Migraine is always in my medicine drawer ;)

I love Emily's comment. The stuff kids come up with is the best, isn't it?

I so enjoyed talking to you and can't wait for our trip! See you soon!

Kori said...

LOve that excederine too :)

It is the little things in life that make life so special!

bekks said...

I just discovered the letter factory about a month ago. It is AWESOME!! my daughter knows all her letters and sounds now. I told all my friends about it.
Best video ever!!

Andrea said...

Glad things are going better for you! You've GOT to find that card! I miss seeing all the pictures and just nosy enough to want to see the cute clothes you bought! HA
Happy Mother's Day!

Jessica said...

And one more thing I forgot to say earlier... :) Embroider those dresses!!! How cute would a pink name be on that brown giraffe print?!!

Amber said...

Yea for better day! BTW you should be getting a package today or Monday...finally! :)

Angel said...

Yay for Excedrin, it worked great!

Kori, I would have loved to drop them at your house, but that would have been too much of a reward for bad behavior. hehe

Bekks, glad you found it too. I'm looking forward to the spelling words one. How fun will that be? They really love the video and ask to watch it a ton.

Andrea, you are too funny! I promise to share. :) Just found an old card I can sub for now, but it's 1/16 the size I'm used to. Gotta get Mr. Man's 18 month pics taken very soon.

Jessica, what a fabulous idea! Would you do light or hot pink? I think I'll add a polka dot ruffle and pockets too and they can wear it over pink tees and leggings. Fun!

Amber!!! We got your box yesterday! You are way too sweet. I'm e-mailing you shortly. Thank you girly!!!

Colleen/And Baby Makes Five said...

I LOVE your silver lining, Angel!

Enjoy your upcoming visit and all the crazy fun.

Happy Mother's Day!

Jessica said...

Hi, Angel,
I would do hot pink to make the name stand out against the brown spots. And I'm lovin' the addition of pockets! So cute!!!