Thursday, April 15, 2010

Skirty Skirt Skirts

I wanted to get some fun pics of the girls wearing their new skirts. Allison's was made by my friend Jenn and I made the tanks and the second skirt to go with it. If you haven't yet, stop by Jenn's shop and buy something to help them bring their baby home from Ethiopia. I'm lovin' her Mariposa Tank and the Mariposa Colette skirt.

My favorite photo of the day. Print worthy for sure.


I've been having trouble getting the girls to just look at the camera and smile. So this time I had them make fun faces.

Ok girls, show me surprise.


Great, now pretend you are a scary monster.


Great! Now smile for Mommy.


Hmm...that one needs a little work.

I love this type of photo so much more though. It really shows their personality. And that they are such good friends.


Here's my little Shower Bandit. She decided to make bubbles in the sink, put them on her face and use Mommy's razor to shave them off. *gasp* She's lucky she still has lips. And I get the Bad Mommy Award for not putting the razor up high enough out of reach. I walked in and Sam was playing with the bubbles in the sink, razor sitting in the bottom of the sink with the cap off too. Nice! It still didn't occur to me that that was why her lip was bleeding until Daddy got the story out of her at bedtime.




I hope you've had time to stop and smell the flowers today.


Colleen/And Baby Makes Five said...

Oh, how sweet! And the rain boots are classic :)

Michaela once snipped her lip with safety scissors. I just couldn't figure out why her lip was bleeding. The story came out weeks later. It's never dull, is it?

Amber said...

Too too cute!!! Love their headbands!! It is almost impossiable to get a good picture of Reese these days!

Marie said...

They are so cute!!! And so are their outfits!

Angel said...

Ouch, Colleen!!!

Amber the headbands are from Claire's. I set foot in there for the first time last week and was so glad I did.

Thanks Marie!

Jessica said...

Such sweet girls! Love the spontaneous shots. Ay ay ay on the razor!!! If Allison & Grace ever got out world! :O

Jenn said...

Thanks for the shout out :) They looks adorable!! (as always!) We've had some close calls here the time I found Sam alone in my bathroom with a bottle of Comet. Definitely not getting the "mom of the year" award after that incident!!

Love the yo yo tanks!!!

倫音 said...
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Andrea said...

So sweet. My little one has been wearing her rain boots too! She wore them to church on Easter Sunday with her new outfit I made her.

Lisa said...