Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Room to Live

I don't watch the local news anymore. Since having kids I just can't listen to all the horrible stuff that goes on in the world. I rely heavily on David to filter things for me. He's getting better at I. I rarely have to say "Now, why on earth did you tell me that?" Some of the stories are just too heartbreaking.

So that's why I hadn't noticed that in the past four days, 15 people have died in car accidents simply because they weren't wearing their seat belt. Most of them were teens. They were all in rural areas where the seat belt compliance is only 25%, not the 90% in the metro. You can read more about it here on Trish Van Pilsum's blog. Caution there is some swearing, which is totally uncharacteristic for Trish, but she's super upset about it. Especially because of all the stories on safety she is done. She has asked us to get this video out there. It's the best impactful story on traffic safety she's done. I just watched it and it's very powerful. She actually sits in countless cars that were totaled and shows us that if the people inside had only been buckled in there was plenty of "room to live." It's a must see for every driver, young and old. But especially watch it with your teens. They need to see that being cool, isn't cool in an accident.


April Grey said...

Wow, thanks for sharing that Angel. How heart breaking for the families.
My kids know that we go nowhere if they are not buckled.
My tween cousin road with me last summer in the front seat and she didn't want her seat belt on and I told her that I will not have her blood on my hands if something were to happen and if she didn't buckle she would have to get out. I actually had a talk with her about not wearing a seat belt(hello, why did I have to talk to her about it and not her parents)and after that she seemed to want to wear it even if it wasn't "cool".

Jenn said...
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Jenn said...

I am new to your blog, but wanted to thank you for this video. It is so sad for the families to have to go through the death of a loved one.

I know seat belts work. My little brother was in a roll-over accident where his car rolled 3 times. Thankfully, he and his 4 friends were all wearing seat belts. The car stopped rolling next to a large bolder before going down a cliff. It could have been a fatal accident due to the rock wall on one side, and a cliff on the other. But, luckily, none of them experienced even life-long effects because they were all wearing seat belts. My brother had to get 4 fingers on his left hand re-attached, and they all had to get glass taken out of their bodies, and some got stitches. But, they all lived, and even my brother (who had the worst injuries) has full use of his hand again. The only life-long effect is that he cannot feel his pinky - but he can move it!

I wish everyone would wear seat belts. It is a 1 second decision that can save your life!

Angel said...

April, that's great that you made a difference for your cousin. I'm sure ti helps to have someone other than her parents reinforce how important it is. Keep it up! Miss you by the way. :)

Jenn, first of all, Welcome! And second, that just gave me shivers. Your brother and his friends are SO lucky to be alive. I wish everyone was that smart and level-headed. You are so right, just one second can save your life. Thank you for sharing their story.