Monday, March 22, 2010

Room Re-do: Part V {From Frame to Jewelry Holder Tutorial}

I've had my eye on this frame at IKEA for a while now.

And thanks to a gift card from a sweet friend, I was finally able to bring her home and...

...turn her into a jewelry holder.

Isn't she purdy?

I'll show you what I did. It was easy-peasy.

Find a frame you love and fabric that compliments your room.

Now get yourself to Home Depot (or Lowes, I'm not picky) and buy the smallest package you can find of the smallest size chicken wire. It will be in the lawn and garden center, outside. This roll was about $5. Pick up some "S" hooks too. I only bought 1 pkg...I should have bought two. If you don't already own one, buy a tin snips too. Or borrow one from your neighbor.

Roll out the chicken wire (ahem...poultry netting) and try to flatten it the best you can. This is no easy task and I didn't try really hard, so mine is still kind of lumpy. But that's OK, it allows you some space to hang the "S" hooks. If it was super flat, it would be too hard to attach anything to it, since you need a little space behind it.

Next use a tin snips to cut the wire to fit the back of your frame. My frame is actually a hollow plastic so I couldn't staple the wire to the frame, but if you can, I think you should. I just had to lay the wire down in there and hope that the fabric piece holds it well enough. Guess what? It does! Whew! *wipes brow*

Next I laid the cardboard backing that came with my frame, down onto my freshly ironed fabric. Once I had it centered just so, I pulled it taut around to the back and secured with packing tape. Nothing fancy here.

And if I hadn't stepped on the glass insert (oops!) I would have put that behind the fabric for more stability and safe keeping. Good thing this won't be used as an actual picture frame. So instead, I just placed the paper that was immediately under the glass, over the back of the fabric panel and bent all the tabs back down.

Next I placed the little "S" hooks I bought, onto the wire, and hung my necklaces and bracelets. Then I hung her on the wall and stood back to admire my work. This took about 10 minutes, start to finish. The admiring...a little longer.

Just wait, close-ups are coming. But first, doesn't she have a nice presence on the wall?

Do you see the little "S" hooks? I still need to ask David to squeeze them closed a bit.
I tried, but my brute strength is...well, non-existent.
Do you see the little gold hook that the floral bracelet is hanging from?
It's a regular old picture hanger, I might actually like it better than the "S" hooks, but the color, not so much.

Earrings just get hung on the wire and sparkly barrettes are clipped right on to it.
A girl can never have enough sparkly barrettes, right?

Maybe walking past these every day will remind me to get gussied up a little more often.

Or not.

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Gay Vaughan said...

I absolutly LOVE it! Sorry that IKEA isn't near me...but maybe I can improvise. Thanks for sharing.

Colleen/And Baby Makes Five said...

Very cool, Angel!

I hope you're all feeling better after your family flu fiasco ... and I'll be praying for your friend as well...

Angel said...

Thanks Gay! I wish Ikea would ship this item, but I can see why they don't. It's HUGE!

Colleen, we are finally on the mend. I actually cooked something today (it's been over a week) and it was your PB oatmeal muffins. Yumm-o! Thank you for your prayers for Lisa. They mean so much!

Amber said...

Love it! I espcailly love the necklace with the colorful bird charm.....adorable!

Melissa said...

That is beautiful! Great job, and thanks for the tutorial.

Angel said...

Amber, the necklace is by Genevieve Gail. Here are the matching earrings in her Etsy shop (I don't see the necklace listed right now, but I'm sure it will be back up soon).

Young Adventures... said...

SO cute Angel!! Thanks for sharing!!

M.O.T.B said...

Love it!!! Great work, come visit me in you get a chance and enter my give-a-way!!!

K @ Thrifty Teacher Blog said...

Looks great!!!

Jingle said...

That looks great! I love that frame!

Becolorful said...

Always looking for fun clever ways to hang jewelry. This is very smart and looks great.

Marcia said...

That turned out fabulously!!! (is that a word?!)
I'm glad you found something perfect for that wall! :)
~Marcia :)

Gina said...

Cool! I love that frame-sure wish we had an Ikea closer to us. It looks great, and thanks for your ideas on my blue room. Watch for the finished project-I'm excited to put it all together!

Kimmy @ my beautifully blessed life said...

I LOVE it, so cute!!! I love the shape & style of the frame! Great job! :)

The Chubby Dove said...

Love it!

Handy organizer and a piece of art rolled into one!

Nancy said...

Beautiful, clever, practical and so chic! I LOVE that little bird necklace!!! Great post!

Mama Thompson said...

Love it...I did the same thing to that frame...and I think it is just so perfect for jewelry...yeah for Ikea.

Alyssabeth's said...

Great idea ! I've been looking for a new way to display my jewerly at shows.

Angel said...

Thanks everyone. I'm really loving it up on my wall.

Teri, great minds think alike, huh? :)

C'est Magnifique said...

I love it and that frame is to die for, I can see why you've been wanting it!


Fleur de Bee said...

DARLING blog!!! I bought that EXACT frame for myself and a client to have as a jewelry board, however I never thought to put chicken *poultry tee hee!* wire on it in front of the fabric. I was going to just do the fabric against some batting like I always seem to. This is a marvelous idea and I'm going to run with it. Thanks so much for the idea! I'll post photos when mine are done to credit you on that!

xo Molly

Jenn Miyamoto said...

Looks good! I really like the frame too! So classy.
Jenn @ My Creative Heart

Angel said...

Molly, I think you should do both! Batting to help fill in the gap where the wire won't lay flat, but it will still give you lots of space to hook things on there. Can't wait to see how yours turn out.

And who knew they would have to make chicken wire politically correct! That so makes me laugh. :)

Thanks Tania and Jenn!

jenjen said...

So cute! I love the chicken wire and the fabric you chose!


linda said...

Very pretty! Love the colors.

Handbags*N*Pigtails said...

Love what you did with the frame. I bought a frame just like this at the thrift store at the beginning of the summer. I painted it black and am using it as a mirror. But I may be tempted to make it into a jewelry holder.
Oh and BTW, I just became your 300th follower!!!!!!!!!!!WOW!

Angel said...

Sarah! Thank you for bing my 300th blog follower. Yay!

I just saw the mirror on your blog you mentioned and it looks great. What a steal!

Anonymous said...

I have been searching blogs for a jewelry holder idea. Love the frame you used!! Great idea.

Michelle said...

I finished mine today. I'm excited to post it on my blog and I'll be putting a link to your blog for my inspiration!

Cal said...

Love the idea! I have the same fabric that you used here. It is linen, right?

Angel said...

Thanks Cal! And linen sounds delish, but this one is actually cotton. By Tanya Whelan, her Darla line I think.