Friday, March 12, 2010

Happy Friday!

Don't forget to enter my dress giveaway here. Today is the last day! I've really enjoyed reading all your entries. You all are so sweet and I have no doubt that this dress will find a lovely home with a sweet little girl to love it. I'll close comments at 9pm cst tonight and draw the winner Saturday morning with my girls. I'm not using the random number generator thingy this time because it seems like #1 never wins. So we'll be drawing entries out of a bowl, I figure that's as fair as I can make it.

*Oh, and if you aren't sure how to leave a comment, just e-mail me at and I'll enter it for you.

Not much to report here accept that I'm still buried in laundry, at least it's all clean.

*I seriously have nothing more exciting to show you than my laundry pile.

I'm finally folding all the fabric that Allison decided she needed to cover herself in last week. Yep, it takes about a week to get to somethings.

Little man has a terrible head cold, his first ever I think. He's been pretty miserable, whimpering and wanting to be held a lot. So far he has passed it on to approx 1.5 people in our house. And there he goes again, drinking from his sister's sippy. I can't keep up with all the contaminated sippy cups around here. Oops, looks like he just got his first taste of chocolate milk and he's going back for more. I can't blame him.

Tonight David is bringing home Chinese take-out from Great Wall. We're ordering General Tso's which I find funny because I've never actually ordered it from a restaurant before. I've only made this fabulous recipe which we all love. So I'll get to see how it stacks up. We're also getting chicken and snow peas. Snow peas make me think of summer and that's a good thing.

It's another drizzly, misty, gloomy day here in MN. At least the snow is almost gone. We actually had a thunderstorm here earlier this week. It was strange to here thunder and still see snow outside.

Saturday we have a 4th Birthday party for my cousin's daughter. I'm making her a dress. It's almost 1:00 and I haven't started it yet. I better get on that, the party's at noon tomorrow.

Oh, and the girls Easter outfits are almost done. I'll share them with you after I add the ruffles to the pants and decide if the dresses need pockets. I wish I wasn't having such a difficult time finding shoes to go with them.

What are your plans for this week-end?


Sandra said...

When my son comes home from college after a few months, almost my entire laundry room floor is covered with sorted piles of his stuff. I know I should make him do it himself, but this is one of the ways I show him mommy love =)

Heather L. said...

Hey Angel! Thanks for your comment on my blog =) I am just starting out in the blogging world, so each comment means so much!

Oh, and thanks for sharing your laundry pile - makes me feel a *little* better about mine, although mine is all dirty! And here I sit on the computer haha!

Your blog is just adorable! I'm off to check out all of your archives - and further avoid my laundry =)

Amber said...

Now thats some laundry...hehe :) Love the fabric pile...makes my mouth water!

Jessica said...

What kind of shoes are you looking for?

Angel said...

Sandra, I say just bake him his favorite cookies and let him wash his clothes. Hehehe...But then again, I don't have a college kid that I miss. ;)

Heather, I just peeked at your son's b-day party and you did a fab job! Loved it!!! Oh and I'm hear for ya. I can post pics of my dirty kitchen floor too. LOL

Jessica, I'm looking for red or pink. I'm open to sandals, but closed is better for MN.

I've got a bunch of EUC/new I'm watching on eBay. Of course I'd love to buy Bear Feet again, but too steep. I'm looking at PJ's and Coco Jumbo. Below are the ones I think would be best with their pink/red/green Swell outfits I've made, but I can't find them in their size which would be a 9 since they run big.

So if I can't find these it will probably be t-strap PJ's in red or the red with pink dots like Grace's.

Jessica said...

I'm in the middle of baking "strawberry shortcake" cupcakes so I welcome a distraction right about now, LOL! I did a mini search and found these for you:

1. Coco Jumbo's in size 9 @ (but they run a bit higher than Sweet Soles; $36.95)
2. PJ's cherry/pink are on sale right now directly from ($30) and they have the girls' size (these run a size small so if you decide on these don't forget to order up)
3. And FYI - usually runs their Bear Feet on sale, but all they have right now are the sandals ($50).

Okay - back to frostin' & sprinklin' those cupcakes!