Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Target Finds

Snow has been falling steadily since Sunday. Last night David took all three kiddos out to play in the snow...20 minutes to get them dressed, only 5 minutes until there were tears to come back inside. Sam has already outgrown his snow-boots, he never even got a chance to wear them. Are you as tired as I am of having to struggle with winter coats and car seat straps?

Though the snow is beautiful, I am ready for spring to get here. Quite literally actually. I've done most of the girls summer clothing shopping already. And I'm really proud of myself for doing it at Target no less. I didn't even use my Gymboree Circle of Friends coupon last week-end. That was a hard decision, but the right one. There will always be more cute clothes, right? *sigh*

Anywho, I was so excited to find these adorable shorts at Target. I bought 2 pairs of each color. They will be adorable with all the little blouses I plan on making from my stash.


I love the little scalloped pockets, the longer (more modest) length of them, the cute pink buttons on the denim pair and the plaid that reminds me of Gymboree's past Tutti Fruiti line. And you can't beat the price of just $5 a pair! Well, I actually bought them on sale at $3.50 each a couple of weeks ago. But still, $5 for cute shorts, that's a steal. I bought them in 5T which ran big for us, but I figure I can sew a little pin-tuck in the waist (unfortunately, these don't have adjustable waists, one reason they are so cheap I'm sure) and they may still fit next year too.

I thought these dresses were so sweet! My motto has always been coordinating, not matching, so these were perfect for that. But that's actually starting to change a little, I'm finding it kind of sweet to see them matching and it makes getting dressed easier. I think these were about $8 a piece.


Then there's the cute, bright cardigan. And the jeans fit perfectly now and will be great as capris this summer. I found them in the Big Girls section. Can't believe we are already shopping over there! I loved this one so much that I bought them matching outfits. I hesitated on the matching part for oh, about 2 seconds. This outfit was the biggest splurge of the day. Both pieces were about $10 each. One or both might have been on sale?


I bought a TON more there. So if you haven't checked Target lately, you should. They've got some really cute pieces at great prices.

I also picked up these for myself. I haven't had rain boots since I was a smallish girl. Hey, kids can't be the only ones to have fun in the puddles. And for $6, they had to come home with me.


April showers, I'm ready and waiting for you. Please hurry!


Colleen/And Baby Makes Five said...

I love Target too ... especially for the kiddos. I actually just came home with the pastel plaid bermudas for Michaela and a pair of floral aqua ones too. For a steal. I so LOVE that! Now I just need a few more tops for her and she's done for summertime. (I had good luck at the end of the season last year which always helps.)

She'll be six next month, but she's a peanut. Still I'm finding it harder to find cute, classic and age-appropriate clothing now that some things come from the bigger kids section. *sigh*

Which makes today's finds extra special.

Spring will come! It HAS to!!!!!

Angel said...

Did you see the aqua polka dot capris too? We bought those too!

I did some shopping end of season last year too. I was so excited to find I had 3 pairs of bermudas (with adjustable waist, YAY!) in my stash, that I had bought in the big girl section there last fall. $3.50 each! So we've got 11 pairs of shorts for $38.50. That's less than 2 pairs of reg $ Gymbo shorts. I will be so sad the day the girls object to shopping at Target.

I keep telling myself...6 more weeks...6 more weeks...

Kori said...

I am trying to stay away from target this week LOL Last week I went in for a b-day gift and came out with my cart full - SO much was 75% off i got ice skates for all the kids- snowboards and complete bedding sets for a good friends boys (sheets comf. pillowshams and dust ruffles) and everything was 9.98 being 75% off :) My cart was over flowing full so I made myself leave and stop looking at all the great deals :)

Young Adventures... said...

Love it all!! Those rain boots are so fun!

willis_ac said...

I was just eyeing the denim shorts this weekend. I'm sure there will be trip back to get them soon :) Trying to decide hwat size to buy my skinny little one. Still want to get the yellow sandals from gymboree! I bought some yellow, green and blue fabric with polka dots to make a gymbo inspired shirt. It only cost $6 for fabric instiead of $22.75 for the shirt from gymbo :)

Jessica said...

Cute Cute! I got the denim shorts for Grace. Love the material and all the cute details. I love the yellow butterfly dress too! Have you seen the felt flower headbands at your Target? They're $4 I think and so cute! My friend and I got matching ones for all our girls (18 mo, 3 & 6) along with the green striped strawberry leggins set. Can't wait till it stops raining and gets a bit warmer to snap some fun pics!!!

Osh Kosh outlet has THE cutest strawberry wellies & raincoats on sale too. I was so excited to find them for Grace's SS theme birthday!!

I have switched my grocery shopping away from the convenience of Target b/c of all the temptation...HE, HE, HE!

Colleen/And Baby Makes Five said...

I didn't see the aqua capris! But I'm so excited about what I do have stashed away. I love for the kids to have cute things to wear and I am vigilant about shopping the sales/deals. Always. It feels good to get quality stuff for less.

We have several kids' clothing outlets about 10 minutes from here, so it's easy to keep tabs on things. Gymboree sells wonderful clothing, but I don't buy from them often -- unless I have great coupons and hit a sale. It lasts like crazy, but sometimes it's just not in the budget.

Spring in six weeks would be grand! I'm getting so antsy and I really need to air this place out! The winter germs have got to go!

Take care and have fun planning those fun summer outfits :)

Angel said...

Kori, you probably don't want me telling you about how Chaska SuperTaget has THE largest selection of clearance then, huh? I try to stay away from that one. hehe Oh and why did you have to mention ice skates? The girls have been asking for them.

Rachel, my cousin found the cutest pair too, they are striped in similar colors as mine. So funky! I loved the black herringbone too, but those were full price. $6 made me forget the black/white pair immediately. LOL

Amber, we'll have to do a little show & tell with our Gymbo inspired clothes. hehe

Jessica, I skipped the headband because I can't see the girls keeping them on or not losing them. But would be so cute for pics (with giant lollipops hehe). I may have to reconsider.


Kacey said...

I love the Target finds! We have all of the things you bought too! They were on sale the last time I was in there and Mallory can still squeeze into a 5T right now! They have some super cute big girl dresses too, the brown with different color polkadots that I put Mallory's monogram on and it looks like a million bucks for only $7! Target is my favorite place to shop, period! I can't wait for Spring down here either, you know it's been a cold one for me to say that as it will be 95* before I know it and I'll be wishing for 50's again!!

Lisa said...

We have some of those same shorts and dresses. I can't believe that we can shop in the big girl section either!