Thursday, February 25, 2010

sweet Tea clothier & shoppe

The blog, 60 piggies, will soon need to be changed to 70 piggies.

"We desire to become a family for at least one of these children, to wash behind her ears and persuade him to eat his peas and sing her to sleep at night."
~Nicole Owens

While we're on the subject of adoption, I wanted to spotlight another amazing family that has embarked on their journey to bring their child home. If you haven't been reading Nic's blog, you need to start today. She is simply delightful. Oh and she sews, handstamps jewelery, takes great pictures and has the largest vocabulary of anybody I know. And...she's the maker of possibly my most favorite pattern. Ever. The softie doll tutorial (I've made 4 myself). And guess what! She's giving one away. A custom one at that. And to give you slightly better odds, I'm not even entering to win since I just won her cupcake aprons. Run over to her blog, right here, and enter to win a custom dollie of your very own.

Or you can snatch these gals up in her shop. Here and here.

Be sure to check out both of her Etsy shops. She's got some beautiful clothing and aprons (and of course the dollies^) over at sweetTeaclothier and some gorgeous and reasonably priced handstamped jewelry and photographs at sweetTeashoppe . My favorite piece is the stamped guitar pic. All profit will go toward bringing home their next child.

Here's some trivia for ya. Did you know that Nic and Jenn used to be a part of the same design group on eBay, way back when? It was called Head to Heels {H2H}. Yep, I was paying attention. ;)

Thank you Jenn and Nic (and your families) for being Jesus to two precious children. And for giving us the opportunity to help you get there. You are both heroes to me.


Anonymous said...
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Jenn said...

Nic is my hero...seriously...I adore everything about her. And her dolls...oh my! They are the sweetest things ever!!