Thursday, February 4, 2010

Stash Busters


I'm in! I'm taking Melissa's challenge to greatly reduce my fabric stash. I've got the sewing bug back (finally!) so I'm ready to go. There's not much else to do until spring gets here anyway, so it's the perfect time. I don't like to paint furniture inside the house so that's all on hold until warmer temps arrive. I have a huge stash that's taken over Sam's closet and part of our room. And I'd rather use it now while the girls will still wear homemade clothes (that ends someday doesn't it? Boo Hoo!) and avoid the hassle of selling/shipping it off. Who knows, some of what I sew might even end up as a giveaway here. OK, I can't do that to you. Yes, at least one dress I make will be a giveaway. Let me know what size y'all would love to see me make.

Here's the type of dress I'm itching to sew up. So easy and girly sweet.

Click the pic for the link to MJ's adorable dress.

I've got one more project to finish up this week-end and then it's on to sundresses. Yippee!!!


Jessica said...

OK, I'm so in! I want to see it all - hope to gain lots of inspiration along the way (as always) :)

And as for about a 3-4-5 selfishly, of course *wink*

And while you've got the sewing bug going strong, how about a little boy jon jon or just something for the boys?

selle said...

i'm in! i've stumbled upon your blog and i love it! i love to sew for my 2 girls too and i'm alway game for a free giveaway that involves clothes! =)

*i've got a 4T girl and a 1yr. old!