Tuesday, February 23, 2010


David was trying to explain this commercial to me since I had only seen the last 5 seconds of it. Have you seen it? He thought it was pretty funny but I couldn't see how it would be funny at all. Until I saw it for myself. Mary has a good explanation for why they did this. I'm sorry David. You were right. It's hilarious!

David would like to know why I store feminine products in the fridge. Seriously Aldi, you need to change your packaging!

Did you know it's really difficult to give up sugar when you make 2 batches of cookies? I mean really, did I think this was going to be easy? Why do I torture myself? But the girls wanted to make cookies and I'm trying to be a "Yes" Mom.

At least most of it is being flash frozen and will be stored in freezer bags for when we need a fresh batch of cookies. When that will be, I have no idea. Especially since the Girl Scout cookies arrived this week-end too.

I made Monster Cookies because I had coconut on hand and the addition of Rice Krispies intrigued me. They were fabulous! So I've been told. ;) I also made Five Chip Cookies which are peanut butter based. If you need some new cookie recipes in your binder, print these out. You'll love them.

Hmmm, what to do about these? Thank goodness Bible study is this week.

And now I am going to go torture myself again. I promised the girls we could go sledding during Sam's 2nd nap. Lord help me. I can only half walk as it is, so if I'm able to walk at all when we're done, I'll consider it a miracle.

Anyone want to come and take my girls sledding for me? Say, in the next 5 minutes? I'll pay you in cookies.


Colleen/And Baby Makes Five said...

OK ... the cream cheese packaging is hilarious! No wonder your hubby was confused. I had to take a second look too ;D (Thanks for the chuckle.)

The cookies looks and sound delicious. And you're either very brave/strong or a glutton for punishment. Oh my ... the temptation!

I hope the sledding went well ...

Hang in there!

stellarose said...

Yummy!!! I can be there in 5 minutes or maybe I will crash the bible study for one of those cookies.


SM Anderson said...

If I would have read this earlier I would have been there to take the girls sledding. I can always be bribed for cookies! Hope you had a great afternoon.

Kacey said...

Those cookies look so good!! Probably better than the 2-3 boxes of Girl Scout cookies that I've eaten by myself since Saturday...!!

How do you like the products from Aldi? I've heard mixed reviews.