Friday, February 5, 2010

Playroom Re-Do: Part II {Inspiration}

It's finally time for the playroom to get a little sprucing up. I haven't been able to get myself to commit to anything permanent on the walls. Until now.

We have been needing some additional storage solutions in here and my mom let me do some free shopping at her house. Isn't that the best kind? Thanks Mom! So now we've got a long, low, 2-shelf bookcase coming over soon. Yea...toy storage! That's going on the long wall behind the train table, which was a gift from friends who didn't have space for it. Thanks friends! The bookshelf is begging to be painted (Aqua...White...Apple green?) and have some trim added to it, maybe even beadboard to the inside back or doors to the front. I'm so excited for spring so I can get painting. If I leave it as open storage I'll need some fun bins to separate things in to, but they will need to be inexpensive. The budget on this venture is just my personal monthly spending budget.


The tallish bookcase on the right is covering the crawlspace storage area. When we moved in, the basement wasn't finished, no flooring or trim and a gas fire place that didn't work (we removed the hideous fireplace and covered the opening with beadboard and put the piano on that wall). We'd still like to put real doors on that crawlspace, but I'm trying to think of something a bit more creative. Like a bookcase that sits on casters and slides in and out of the space. Or, one large door that I can Mod Podge a US map to or paint with chalkboard paint or make into a fabric pin board. So many options!

And that office desk chair is calling for a slipcover, don't ya think?

Above the new bookshelf, I'd love to hang 2 rows of cable wire for art display. The girls come home from school with backpacks full of projects and we have no place to display any of it. Especially now that our fridge is no longer magnetic. I think I like this system from Ikea the best. It's meant for hanging curtains, but would do the same thing this Pottery Barn Kids one does, just without the red stars.

Photo Pottery Barn Kids

And above that I'd like either the words ART, PLAY or READ in large red letters. Like in Meg Duerksen's playroom. If you haven't been reading Whatever, you are truly missing out. Her house is beautiful and the reason I know I was meant to live in a home with white woodwork. Color looks so much better with a white background.

Photo courtesy of Meg Duerksen

The desk is working great where it is. It used to be an "L" shape that took up way too much valuable floor space. I bought it from my work about 8 years ago. I used to work at an office furniture dealership and sometimes we would need to buy back the clients old furniture to make the sale. This used to be in a bank and I paid $100 for it. It's solid wood and super heavy. But I sure would love to see it in white with a distressed look to it. The edges are already beat up. Cute brushed nickel pulls like these would be fun too.

The little table area, on the slanted wall across from the desk needs some sprucing up too. I love these pieces from Pottery Barn Kids, but they are just too expensive. I'd like to copy the design of the schoolhouse, but in paint and use chalkboard paint in the center. I don't think we're skilled enough with a saw to make a frame out of wood. I'd also make it more square to fill the space over the tables nicely. I'd either add a ledge to the bottom for the chalk and eraser, or a little bucket hanging on a hook right next to it.

Photo Pottery Barn Kids

I've got several peg hook bars from Michael's that just need paint and installing. I need to dedicate one area for the princess dresses and a full length mirror (probably at the end of the hall). And another to hold tote bags and backpacks (probably on the slanted wall by the crawlspace). I'll also be adding one behind the door in the girls room to hang some cute hoodies on.

Here's another find from my free shopping at Mom and Dad's house. This is also needing a new paint job and maybe a beadboard back to it and possibly a cushion on top since we'll have the other new shelf for more toys. I'm thinking aqua for this shelf and maybe the word PLAY in red over it kind of welcoming you into the space. Hmm...although maybe that bench should hold books underneath and say READ on top? Too many options! And if I do a cushion I'd have to find a new spot for the dollhouse.


Since there is no longer a couch in here, I like the idea of three Euro sized throw pillows on the floor. I'm thinking I'd cover them in either Michael Miller red and aqua prints or use this rainbow heart duvet from Ikea. I could even make the bench cushion out of the heart print and paint the bench pink. Oh how the girls would LOVE that! Or I could go super cheap and find something in my stash, a patchwork would be great for bringing in more color. Now that I've thought it through, that's probably what I'll end up doing.


I've been in love with this Magazine Rack from Pottery Barn Kids for forever. Again, it's not in the budget. And I don't know if we are up to the task of making one ourselves, but I'm thinking about it. I found this tutorial here, and I have a magazine tear out that shows how to make one too. I'd love to see it at the end of the hall or behind the girls bedroom door (in place of peghooks that will go in those places). It's so cute, I just love looking at it.

Photo Pottery Barn Kids

Here's another photo from Meg's gorgeous home. I love that she found an old school map. Something like this would be so fun to have, though probably impossible to find. And I love that she hung it on the back of a door. Which got me thinking about putting something on the back of the larger door to our crawlspace. It's right next to the door going upstairs and I've always disliked that there are two ugly brown doors right next to each other. So maybe I could upholster a pin board to it and add trim around it to finish it off. Or possibly even hang picture frames on it?

Photo courtesy of Meg Duerksen

Hmm...lots to think about. And I would love any suggestions you may have (if you've even read this far, sorry it was so long).


Colleen/And Baby Makes Five said...

What a fun post! I love all of your inspiration photos and ideas too. Paint and beadboard are always a hit ... along with a little creative thinking and creating.

As for the desk, if it's already showing wear ... go for the painted/distressed look!!! It will blend in so much better with your overall vision.

Here's to another budget-friendly made beautiful makeover. Can't wait to see how it all comes together...

shoppin4sophia said...

My only suggestion is to not put everything against the wall. The one low shelf from your mom's house would be great as a room divider. Kind of "zoned play areas." Personally, I'm not a huge fan of chalkboard in a room with carpeting unless you make the rule of only white chalk. Have fun!

Adrianne Price said...

I love reading about your Re-do's! Very inspiring. You mentioned that you may use the chalkboard paint and do the schoolhouse around it, here is another option
It's a chalkboard "sticker" with a schoolhouse around it and you can pick the colors of the schoolhouse. I am in no way trying to sell you something just thought it might be easier and less time consuming than painting and less money than Pottery Barn too! Let me know if you want more information, you can contact me through that website. Good luck with your projects, I look forward to seeing the results.

Kristi said...

Just wondering if you've heard of Knock Off Wood blog? She post new plans almost everyday of easy to build furniture that looks just like the super expensive pottery barn or other stores....and most of them are like $50 for all the wood to build. I'm no woodworker but I'm confident I can build the buffet and twin bed frame she posted recently! Check it out!

Angel said...

I'm starting to agree with not having chalk dust in the room. Especially since I don't vacuum often enough. But if I did go that route, it would have to be only white chalk. I'm leaning toward a cork board instead though.

Adrianne, what a great idea! I had no idea they made that in a sticker. but I'm still thinking to paint a schoolhouse border would be cheaper, and i like to paint. Thanks for the suggestion though!

Kristi, I just found Knock Off Wood yesterday! I am in complete awe of her blog. In fact I've already written up a post featuring her for Monday morning. And I've requested plans for a couple of pieces she hasn't done yet.

Thanks everyone for the ideas, keep 'em coming!