Monday, February 8, 2010

Not Me! Monday

No, I did NOT dress my son in a Sleeping Beauty dress. Nope, not me. I mean I would never do that. And I for sure would not have taken a photo. So there would of course be no proof of it. No way, no how, would I, could I do that to him.

And I did not teach my son that he can turn lights off by blowing on them. That would just be silly. So of course I was not the one holding him in the kitchen and flipping the switch every time he blew at the light. Nope, not me!

And I could never be accused of wearing the same pair of jeans five days in a row. Without. Washing. Them. Nope I would never do that, even just to lighten my work load. Seriously, who is that lazy? Wouldn't that just be gross? But somehow my laundry IS lighter by 4 pairs of pants. I wonder how that happened?












Your turn!

Click back to McMama to see what she and everyone else have "not" been doing this week.


Hugs said...

My ribs hurt from laughing!!!! You just made my day! Oops, I mean "NOT ME", I would never laugh at something like that. LOL But I've got to try the blowing out the lights trick...oops again.."Not ME".

Colleen/And Baby Makes Five said...

I was totally NOT nodding and smiling along as I read this post, Angel.

And there's no way that Brendan (age 2) accompanied me to the grocery store today carrying a pink dress-up purse with a pretend lipstick inside it. Therefore he most definitely did not continually utter the phrase "Where's my lips(tick)?" during our time shopping. Nope. No way. Not my boy.

As for the jeans ... I have no idea what you're talking about ;D

Thanks for the chuckle...

Alex said...

Really funny!! I can completely relate! -E

SM Anderson said...

He and Jack would get along great. Jack LOVES to dress up in dresses, high heels and crowns and wings! It mortifies Darin. Jack also has his own red purse.

I love reading your blog by the way.