Friday, February 26, 2010

A little tip...

If you're going to get all clever and label your flour and sugar containers it's really helpful if you label them correctly.

And to think I was so proud of myself as these had gone unlabeled for 10 years.

I've got a packed week-end. Play/sewing date tomorrow morning. Play-date/babysitting in the evening. Doing some big batch cooking of lasagna and meatloaf. I'm working up the nerve to do a Once-A-Month-Cooking day in March. I know I'd enjoy doing a lot of cooking at once (with little interruption) and having a freezer full of meals. The 4-6pm hours are the toughest part of my day lately and unless I use my crock pot I often can't start dinner until David gets home. And he's been working late a lot.

I hope you all have a wonderful week-end! The sun is shining here, the temps are rising and the days are getting longer. It's amazing the effect that can have on your mood.


April said...

Fingernail polish remover will take off sharpie pen on plastic so you can fix it. ;)

Angel said...

Oh thanks for the tip April! I might just do that since they'll never both be empty at the same time.