Saturday, February 20, 2010

Disney Family Fun Magazine {Birthday Cakes}

I finally had a chance to sit down and read through my Disney Family Fun magazine today. It was nice to relax in the middle of the day with the sunshine pouring through the window. Emily took a little nap right next to me. She stayed awake just long enough to tell me she thought the fairy cakes were sooooo beautiful. And I agree! Those little mushrooms are made by melting cherry Starburst candies and sound super easy to make.

In theory this whole fairy village looks easy to make. We shall see. I love how they use mostly cookies to decorate with. I mean, come on, a biscotti roof!?! I never would have thought of that! I also love the fieldstone look they achieve with Jelly Belly jellybeans, making these cakes truly as yummy as they look. I think I'm going in to sugar shock just looking at this.

I think this farm cake is adorable.
I'm pretty sure I need to make this for Sam's 2nd birthday.

But this dump truck cake is awfully cute too.

Oh boy, these rainbow cupcakes would be perfect for St. Patrick's Day.
Sure that's a lot of food dye, but once a year isn't so bad, right?

or perhaps Amanda's Rainbow Cake? I'm seriously wishing I had seen this for the girls Rainbow/Care Bear Birthday party this past fall.

Too bad I've given up sugar.

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Melissa said...

All those cakes sure are cute! We made a dump truck cake just like that for my little boy's 3rd birthday. Used a new shovel to serve, it was a big hit.