Monday, January 4, 2010



i saw this frame at ikea yesterday. it called to me from well over 30' away. it was that gorgeous. as i was walking toward it i thought i saw birds in the design, but that was just wishful thinking. i didn't buy it since i couldn't immediately think of where it would go. i just left it there. i think i heard it whimper as i was walking away. ever since then (all 15 hours) i've been dreaming up spots/uses for it and have decided that another trip to ikea is in order.

at first glace i assumed it was a mirror. and since we were there to buy this mirror, i just couldn't imagine where i'd have use for another one. but then i realized it was just a frame. a really BIG fram at that. but i couldn't imagine wanting any photo on display, that big. but, now i've figured out what it truly wants to be.

a jewelry frame!

i'm so excited, and i have just the spot for it. it will be fun to decide what fabric to use and wether or not i should paint it a different color. for now i think it wants to stay black but i can see it in aqua or red someday too. or light pink in a little girl room.


Jessica said...

So fun!!! I can totally see it in red...or aqua :)

Young Adventures... said...

That is a beautiful frame! Thanks for the muffin recipe. We loved them!