Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Room Re-do: Part IV {Hello Gorgeous}

From this...


To this...


(I still need to swap out the air return cover for a new white one.)

David loves that he can see all of his 6'1" in the mirror.
No more ducking is a good thing. And I am thrilled that the intercom is gone.

Thanks Mom and Dad for the perfect Christmas gift!

*I'll admit that I've been hiding from the news channels/web-sites lately, especially when my children are awake (we haven't told them about it). I can't bare to see any more photos or hear more stories about the devastation in Haiti. The shear numbers are just unfathomable. And now another earthquake. I often feel paralyzed with fear and anxious for all involved.

So forgive me if my posting about light and happy things seems out of place. I need to focus on the good news out there while still praying that God would be in control of the helpless. I'm trying to keep my own mind off of things so I can sleep at night and be able to function and care for my family during the day.

My hope is that maybe you too need a mental break too and this will be a place to find it.


Colleen/And Baby Makes Five said...

What a gorgeous mirror! And your room redo is coming along so well, Angel.

And I so agree with you about keeping things on the lighter side. The news is full of tragedy and hardship right now and I've been keeping it light too -- just in case people need a little escape or a lift in their day.

Jessica said...

I love that mirror!!!