Thursday, January 7, 2010

Kitchen Jewelry

Even though we hated to have to buy a new one, we love it. I still need to get some of the sticky residue off from all the gobs of tape that came with it, but I also get to empty our garage of food. Yippee! And we had no idea that they started making the sides of these gray. We had only seen black before so this was kind of a nice surprise.


I've decided that stainless steel is like jewelry for the kitchen. Now me thinks we need something like this for the cabinets. They are a bit jealous.

And lest you think I have a sparkling kitchen (by this conveniently cropped photo), I am human too. Thus the need for the cleaning file box.

Amy, this one's for you!


Do you still like me?

*Oh, and I am SO over roosters and I think these walls are begging to be yellow like our bedroom.


Young Adventures... said...

We love ours! Congratulations!

stellarose said...

I love your kitchen... I can just see you in there baking yummy treats with the girls. And by the way, your house could look like a tornado hit it and you would still be one of my favorite friends!


Mandy said...

OH, very pretty!!!

Love your kitchen warm & yummy!

Jenn said...

I love it!!!

I de-roostered a few months back and now have a big box of random rooster items...I guess I won't be sending them to you huh? :)


Jessica said...

LOL, LOL, LOL Jenn - your term cracks me up! I de-roosted as well about a year ago...guess the french country influence was THE thing couple years back!

Love the new fridge Angel! Go for the drawer pulls too!

Angel said...

Too funny Jenn! Yep, I won't be needing them. Unfortunately the curtains in this room are a rooster toile print too. I was heavily influenced by french country too Jessica. Oh well!