Sunday, December 20, 2009

Room Re-do: Part II {Before}

Here is our room before the big paint job tomorrow. I decorated it from my Eddie Bauer Home Store days back in 1997. I was all about country cottage back then and couldn't wait to get this bedding. I actually found the duvet cover at one of their warehouse sales. It was a King that I cut down to a Queen. Possibly my first sewing project ever, without the help of Mom.

*The duvet and the curtains really are the same color, the flash just makes the bed look lighter. Not that it matters, because this stuff is outa here.

I love the little nightstand/shelf on my side. This was a Christmas gift from my parents, from Pottery Barn, years ago. I still love it, so it's staying right there. The mirror (also PB and a gift the same year) will be moving to another spot. I'm not sure where yet, but I'm tired of it always being crooked and adorned with the littles fingerprints.

Instead, I will hang three, black oval frames with silhouettes of the kids. I hope to make them next week-end. I might use scrapbook paper as their backdrop instead of just the traditional white. They have the potential for being my favorite part of the re-do.

Oh and those lamps are going. I'll be looking for a black base with white oval or cylinder shades today.


Here is one of the sets of ugly closet doors. I can't wait to replace them with raised panel white doors soon. The woodwork in our house, unfortunately, has an orangey tone to it. So not pretty.

I'd also love to replace the ceiling fan with something else too. But have no idea what. Maybe a chandelier? We never use the fan, but when we replaced it for some reason we thought we had to replace it with another fan. It's not terrible and believe me it's a whole lot better than what was there before. We might just keep it, for the sake of not spending money.


Working my way around the room, here is another eye soar. The intercom system that has no business being in a house of this size. Honestly, you can hear everybody, everywhere, all the time.

We've thought about replacing it with a new white system. But that's about $1,000. Not happening! I think we'll just remove it and patch the holes. But for now, this mirror (on my Christmas list...hehe) should cover it perfectly.

This room is filled with all sorts of crazy angles, but the one next to the door to the bathroom is a nice spot for the desk and shelf I have there. The shelf is hung too high now (it was over a tall dresser earlier) so I'll lower it and then paint both pieces red, in the spring. I think drawer pulls like this would be fun. And I'd love to paint the black chair white with largish red polka dots. How cute would that be, eh? And the red will be fun against warm yellow walls.

Yes, we chose YELLOW!!! Thanks everyone for your help! We decided that aqua would be too close to what we've already got and wouldn't feel like enough of a change. And khaki was just too much brown. You did notice that second pair of closet doors, didn't you? TOO MUCH BROWN! And not a good brown.


Speaking of strange angles, here is the one that causes us the most trouble. Why in the world did they not just extend the closet all the way to the front wall, or cut it off straight so you could put a built in desk there with a window over it. The closet is on the Southside of the house and the only windows we have on that side are over the kitchen sink and the washer/dryer.

This whole room is pretty strange if you ask me. There is only one place to put the bed and a King size would never fit in there. But the room is quite large. The people that built it didn't have children, nor did they plan to, so they took what would usually be 2 rooms and made it one big room. I would have preferred the 2nd bedroom, personally. Oh well...


Here is where my sewing desk is currently. We will be bringing up my long white dresser and putting it back in front of the window. The black desk will sit at the foot of the bed, in place of the cedar chest (that's going in Sam's room). I'll store my machines in the closet and just pull them out when needed. I like the idea of painting my dresser black (thanks for the idea Jessica!), but then what should I do about the black desk? Maybe I'll just repaint it black to freshen it up and put drawer pulls to match the white desk, on it. Or maybe I'll like the gold pulls again after the walls are yellow?


And back around to the beginning...


Can't wait for tomorrow! Now to take everything off the walls and patch holes. I love to paint and I'm a really swell cutter-inner if you ask me. Sara and I spent three nights, just before Thanksgiving, painting her sisters new house, until 2 in the morning and it was a lot of fun.

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Linda said...

I LOVE the gold pulls on the desk. Gold on black is regal and rich looking, I think. Of course, no one would ever accuse me of having good decorating taste!

One word of caution about storing your sewing machines... hope you're not as lazy as I am - I often decide not to mend because I'd have to pull the machine out (and clear off a spot for it). Maybe if it was a whole sewing project...

Angel, I'm impressed with your enthusiasm and energy!