Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Room Re-do: Part I {help me pick a paint color}

Our bedroom has been needing a re-do for a while now. We've had the same look for 11 years and I'm ready to change things up. I'll post before photos as soon as I clean it up (no one wants to see piles of laundry and wrapping paper, do they?).

Here is the bedding I've already purchased. I found the checkered quilt for $20 and the striped euro pillow shams were $2/ea. They were the only pieces left in the stores, as this collection was on clearance (at way better prices than on-line). Then I found a 20% coupon to use (by googling "JC Penny coupon" Do you do that too?) and bought the rest of it. I love this set! It's so me and David said he would like anything I like, so it's him too. ;)



I had a difficult time choosing between this set and a more trendy aqua and brown set that looks more modern. So glad I went with this one even though overall it was more spendy. It just fits my house better. We have mostly, red, black and khaki in our house with splashes of green and yellow here and there (except the girls room of course) so this will fit right in.

So, I'm thinking that I've got a few options for wall color. Khaki, yellow or aqua.

We currently have the perfect shade of khaki (Urban Putty by Sherwin Williams) in our living room, hall, stairs and playroom. I think it would look great in our room too but not sure I'm ready to paint another room the same color. If I do, I'll go either a shade darker, or a shade lighter and I'd for sure need to paint my dresser red. I think. Or should it be black? Maybe aqua? Jona has the same dresser/mirror combo we have (I've got a nightstand too), and I love how she's painted hers turquoise. Aqua and red are my favorite combo by the way.

Here is my inspiration for yellow. Just imagine the khaki on the bed and the yellow on the walls instead. At least it shows me that the 2 colors can be in the same room and look good. Maybe we can paint the bedroom to match the yellow I've already got in the adjoining bathroom (it's very similar to the coverlet shown here). At least I have some of that left, so I can paint a test wall.

Photo from Midwest Living
(my most favoritist magazine ever, well only since ME's Home Companion is out of print).

Just saw this room with the yellow actually on the walls. This one is really speaking to me! You can see more of this room here. That little red table is so darn cute!


Here is my inspiration for aqua walls. It's from Domino, but blogged about here. This room doesn't have any khaki in it, but a lot of white instead. Most every room I ever like, has white woodwork. I so need a house with white woodwork. But alas, we've got 1980's oak. Maybe it can still work though. I plan on buying plain white curtains and adding red pom-pom fringe to the inside edges. And we will eventually replace the ugly brown oak double width folding closet doors (of which there are 2 sets). So there will be 2 windows and 2 closets that will be white and then a short wall with a black chunky framed full length mirror on it. I'm hoping there will be enough white to warrant the aqua paint. What do you think?


I've also got a long dresser and a desk that I will be painting as well. So depending on the wall color those pieces could end up either red, aqua, black or white. Way too many decisions for a Tuesday morning.

I would love for you to chime in and give your opinion on what paint color you think would be best for the walls. My best friend, Sara, comes into town this week and it was her idea to paint the room together, next Monday (one more reason why I love this girl!).

The walls are currently a darkish sage green, that has been the wrong color since day one. But at the time, anything was better than the primer they had on the walls. We even lived in this room with trashed pink carpet, with white paintbrush and roller marks on it, from the previous owners fab paint job. I shudder to think exactly how long we tried to ignore it. Maybe 4 years? We also lived with their torn blackout roller shades for over a year. Yikes!

Oh, did I ever tell you that we bought a fixer-upper? The house had been a rental. It was left abandoned. In July. With cats in it. We didn't get our hands on it until Halloween and have been working on it (or planning on work) ever since. That was 10 years ago. We're exhausted. We've redone every surface in this house, including the walls, floors, lighting, roof, furnace, air conditioner, every appliance (some twice now), windows and garage door and we still aren't done (we need to build out a linen closet downstairs and re-tile the kids bathtub/shower). In trying to get the house sellable again, the previous owners had even painted over a wallpaper border at the top of our vaulted ceiling (that extends over the stairs) too. David risked his life getting up there scraping and spackling. Hopefully there are no more vaulted ceilings in our future, or wallpaper. Oh, and how about the wallpaper that was put directly over sheetrock? No primer! I spackled and sanded the dining room wall at least a dozen times and still had to hang a giant mirror there to cover most of it up.

I could go on and on, but I'll just say that sometimes a "good deal" isn't really. We are pretty housepoor now because of all the money we ended up putting into it. I want my next house to be move-in ready (just paint needed) and brand spankin' new would be a HUGE bonus. Although we did come away with lots of new skills like tiling, roofing, and electrical know-how, it still wasn't worth it. If anyone needs to borrow a wet saw, we have one! We found that it's hard to do things on the cheap (like for a flip house), when you actually live there. Anyone need a smallish house with gorgeous Pella windows, granite counter and half stainless appliances? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Please leave a comment about paint color and help a girl out. Meanwhile I need to go rescue some socks out of the girls water cups...on my wood coffee table no less. Don't ask...


Lisa said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your choice in bedding! I also think it's great that your friend is willing to help paint - she's a GEM! I can relate to your issues with living in a "fixer upper"; my hubby I lived in our "starter home" (16 yrs the end of the month), and we have remodeled, repalced & added onto to. We still have many things that need to be completed. Good luck with your paint vote is for khaki. Take care!

erin said...

Love the bedding, it is beautiful!

I like the aqua walls, love reds and aquas together!

Nadine said...

I'm torn...khaki or aqua :0)

Kacey said...

I have that same dresser in my dining room now! I just bought it off of Craig's list for close to nothing! It needs some paint too...not sure what color yet... I will blog about that once the holidays are over and I can think straight! I love your choice of bedding, from what I've seen of your house, it fits in great! Our old house had lots of tan/khaki walls, so I vote for either aqua or the yellow! Good luck!

Angel said...

Thanks for your input ladies! And Lisa, Sara read your comment said she appreciated you saying she's a "gem". :)

A few other friends have also said aqua and one said yellow and sent me this link. It's getting even harder to decide now! But here's a room in yellow in case you wanted to see too. Thanks Sam!

Marcia said...

I LOVE the bedding you chose - TOTALLY you!!
Although I like the idea of aqua and red together I REALLY love the buttercream yellow with that set. I'm also thinking if you're wanting to sell your place I would think that yellow would be more appeasing to the next buyer. Just a thought.

Can't wait to see it all done!! What a great friend you have that would suggest helping to paint! A keeper for sure. :)

Jessica said...

Urban Putty is on our kitchen walls and living room - love that shade! It's khaki perfection in my book :)

Here's my 2 cents worth... First, I L-O-V-E the bedding!!! Modern and classic all in one. I can't believe I'm going to depart from my fave aqua/red combo :O but I would paint the walls yellow, a warm golden yellow. I would paint the dresser black (I'm in love with distressed black painted furniture these days - so modern chic!) and then accent the room with red and some punches of turquoise to balance out the color saturation from the other shades.

Can't wait to see your big reveal!!! We're in such a need for a bedroom makeover. Everything else has been updated, but our know how that goes! I'm ready to hand it over to HGTV and be surprised :)

holly_rapley said...

I've noticed that about white trim too. I like it too probably because it's in the media, TV shows I watch have sets with white trim, advertisements, other people's houses who live elsewhere in the country. But here in the midwest it seems everything is fake wood. I did a real estate search to look at pictures to see if there was anything with white trim, but no. Most of the houses, expensive or not had fake wood.

prashant said...

have many things that need to be completed. Good luck with your paint vote is for khaki.

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