Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Oh. My. Sweetness.


If you are obsessed with cupcakes, candy, baking, decorating and just all out gorgeousness you have to see this post by Bakerella. Chances are you already follow her...but just in case. I had to stop for a while as her "eye candy" felt like it was going directly to my hips. All I ever wanted to do was eat cake. Not always a good thing, right? I popped over to her on a whim today and found this amazing post about her friend's home. Run over and tell her to get that girl a blog. I need to see her whole house now. It is completely magazine worthy and then some. The photo above is just the playroom, not the fab Christmas party that the post is really about. I'll stop my rambling, just run over there and see for yourself.


Lylah Ledner said...

Oh Angel - not have you only one my heart because you stopped in for a Lylah blog visit BUT I'm crazy about cupcakes! You go girl!


Jessica said...

OK, I've died and gone to cupcake heaven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've got my bags packed and want to move in her house :) I so want to get this for Grace for her b-day but it's pricey and we don't really have the space for it:

but I would looooooooooooove that cupcake stand so much more!! I may just have to start working on my stepdad to build something like it! Thanks for the inspiration!

Angel said...

Lylah, that chicken coop is going to be fantastic! My girlfriends parents have about 30 chickens and they've got eggs coming out of their ears, you'll be able to make LOTS of cupcakes. tee hee ;)

Jessica, I think a roadtrip is calling our names. And look at how easy that stand would be to make! It could be any size you needed, so you'd have room for it. The grocery one is super cute too, but I'm sure Papa J could make a cupcake one soooo much cheaper. Oh and think of how cute little felt cupcakes would look on a new cupcake stand. :)

Jessica said...

A roadtrip would be SO.MUCH.FUN!!!! I sent a copy of the picture over to my stepdad and sweet talked him into making it for Grace's b-day! I'm waaaaay more excited than she is or will be! Now, to work on making those cupcakes and treats...'cause no way I'm forking over the $ for that many, LOL!

Angel said...

That's wonderful Jessica! Have you seen the patterns on Just search "felt food" there are so many cute things to make.