Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I cried like a baby...

...and my nose ran a marathon.


Any tips for chopping onions and still being able to see your knife? That's very important you know. Maybe I could set up an onion chopping station for my hubby on the weekends? For some reason they don't affect him. Could be because he's almost a foot taller. I even keep them in the fridge, as cold onions are supposed to be easier on the eyes. Man, this one got me baaaaaad yesterday.

I'd love to hear your ideas.

Tearful in the Frozen Tundra


Stacy said...

Get one of those pampered chef food choppers. YOu just stick the onion in there and chop it in a few seconds. The best way to go!

SM Anderson said...

Is not using them an option :-)

Toby Getsch said...


I like the gum chewing method, but others also work well.

GMB said...

I know this is late. Keeping them in the fridge helps, so does turning on a fan if you have a lot to chop. But nothing helps as much as getting a good knife. I think it has something to do with disrupting the molecules. I have a fancy think Japanese knife at home and onions NEVER make me cry when I'm homecooking (and it's the opposite at SiP).