Thursday, December 10, 2009

Day 10 : Recipe Cards & Honey Butter

If you belong to Sam's Club, they have a fun new product in their photo offerings that you might want to try. You can now order custom recipe cards. At just $.13 a piece they would be the perfect addition to a homemade gift of food this Christmas. It could even double as your Christmas card, though the photo size is rather small.

(I realize that this is a terribly small image,
but it's the only size I could get from their hoo.)

I can see it along side these cute little jars that Darby filled here. I just love her blog!


It's a recipe for Cinnamon Honey Butter. I made it last night with my first ever homemade Oatmeal Bread (yea me!) and it is super yummy. It's actually kind of dangerous because before you know it you could easily consume a whole stick of butter.


Things I learned while making bread
1) You definitely don't want to leave the salt out, it's totally necessary. Oops!
2) Invest in a candy thermometer or you might kill your yeast with too hot water. That was a big waste of honey the first time around.

Back to the butter...I think it would also be wonderful with maple syrup added (instead of the cinnamon), just like one of our favorite restaurants, Redstone, serves with their cornbread.

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Nancy B. said...

YUM!! The butter & bread looks amazing - but yet I am a sucker for both! Love the recipe card idea too!