Monday, December 7, 2009

Day 7 : Part 2...The Artist

Not your ordinary coloring books.

Ed Emberley's Complete Funprint Drawing Book from Barnes & Noble, $10. What a clever way to teach kids how to draw! I've got a couple of Emberly's books ready to pull out when we need something fun and new to do.


OP Art Geometric Cooring Book form Barnes & Noble, $5. I grew up coloring these with my mom and loved them. I bought a couple of these for a nephew this year...shhh...don't tell.


And if you place an order, you might as well get these too.

Valentine Cards $5

Halloween Coloring Book $6

Happy Valentine's Day mouse! $7
My girls adore these books and we have them all (except this latest one).

Sorry...couldn't help myself. Since I'm done Christmas shopping, I'm looking ahead.


Jessica said...

We did those valentines this past year and LOVED them (I even kept a few back they were so cute)! I'm loving that halloween coloring book!!! Matches the two halloween bags I bought at Target this year and didn't end up using. May have to order and tuck away for next year (hey, it's free shipping and you know me and that silly shipping hang-up :O)

Young Adventures... said...

We love the mouse books too! I will need to get a copy of the Valentine's day one.