Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Day 1 : Glitter Tree


It's the first day of December and the beginning of my 12 days of Christmas posts. I am getting so excited for Christmas. I love experiencing it through my children's eyes. Brings me back to my own childhood and remembering all the fun and excitement that leads up to the Big Day. Thank you Mom and Dad for making Christmas such a happy, colorful, tasty, and joyful experience for me! I have so many wonderful memories because of you.

The girls just opened the first day on their chocolate advent calendar and later we will be making a bell with paper rings, one to tear off for each day.

Here is a gorgeous art project I hope to make too. Jennifer always has such beautiful projects and ideas and this is one even I can do. Just need to find some yummy vintage/repro Christmas cards and tags. I've already got a zillion vintage Valentine cards that have been waiting for the perfect project (for years!), so I will definitely be making a large heart for Valentine's Day with these. It would be adorable in our entrance. In fact, I'm thinking these trees would be cute with a hole punched for hanging on a wall because in my house they would last all of 10 seconds standing.


So, run over to Jennifer's blog for her quick and easy instructions and get crafting. Oh, and did you know you can find craft/poster board at the Dollar store for, you guessed it, a dollar? I'll meet you there.

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Jennifer said...

absolutely..ideas are to be shared and built upon that's what it's all about..I like your idea too!!! May give it a whirl..blessings my friend!!