Sunday, December 6, 2009

Day 6 : How do your Wisemen travel?

My mom started this tradition long ago and now I do it for my kids (with the same Nativity set). The wisemen didn't arrive in Bethlehem until after Jesus was born, so for the month of December, they travel throughout our house. You never know where they might pop up.


And Baby Jesus doesn't arrive until Christmas morning.



Young Adventures... said...

What a great tradition. We give our children 3 spritual, one practical, and one fun.

Angel said...

Rachel, we are doing the 3 gifts too, but I love the categories you have for them (spiritual, practical and fun). I hadn't thought about finding 3 more specific types of gifts (they are all just toys), but I will do that next year for sure. Great idea and thanks so much for mentioning that. :)


Jessica said...

Ooooh - love that wisemen traveling through the house!! Since we celebrate 3 Kings Day in January, I would love to incorporate this for next year. Thanks for sharing!