Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Day 15: Little Trees

I hope you find time this year to decorate more than just one room in your home. This is the first year we've put a little tree in the girls' room and next year we'll add one to Sam's too. I can tell the girls have already moved some of the ornaments around, as it's a bit bare in the front. I found this little tinsel tree at Target for under $10. For lack of a better idea this year (or time to hunt down the perfect ornaments) I bought a few basic bulbs from Target ($5) and then just tied ribbons into bows and added a fabric remnant (Heather Bailey's Freshcut to match their room) for a tree skirt. They love having this in their room.



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Marcia said...

A-dorable!! I so want to get something like this for Audrey next year. I'll be keeping my eyes open for after Christmas sales! :)