Monday, December 28, 2009

A bottle? Really?

On Saturday I ran a quick errand and found myself at the check-out in Old Navy where I heard this conversation.

Employee #1: "What are your plans for New Year's Eve?"

Employee #2: "Just me and a bottle, how about you?"

Employee #1: "Probably the same. Just going to a bar."

Employee #2: "I wish I could go to a bar."

Employee #1: "You can..."

I didn't hear the rest, but obviously #2, the girl ringing up my purchase, was underage.

I can't even tell you how sad this made me feel. A bottle? Really? Is this what teenagers and young adults aspire to do? Is this the best they can think of to have a"good time?" I've never understood the allure of alcohol. I don't mind a glass of wine with dinner (if you are over 21), but to drink just to get drunk is something I've never done and have never had a desire to do. And it makes zero sense to me.

I wish young women thought more of themselves than to think that getting drunk is an answer to anything. It's not the answer to having forgetting your make people like anything.

So many thoughts were swirling around in my head after I heard their conversation...just too much to put in writing, but I thought about those two girls the rest of the day and still today. And of course I thought about my own girls, at home playing with their baby dolls, and what their world will be like when they are teenagers. I thought about all that I want to do to protect them and point them in the right direction.

My darling daughters, I pray it is never your desire to spend time with a bottle for any reason other than to play with your baby dolls or your daughter's baby dolls or your granddaughters baby dolls.


mommypants13 said...

Yes, its sad, but look at their role models, they walk around like drunken fools all the time. Sad

Young Adventures... said...

It is very sad! You are setting a wonderful example for your children. You are showing them that true love is found in Jesus, not in a bottle.

Jenn said...

so sad :( sad that so many people are searching in all the wrong places for a joy that only Christ can provide!!!

On a slightly happier note...your room looks FAB!!!!!!!


Amanda said...

Oh dear!! That is sad. Glad you have MUCH mroe common sense then they do!


prashant said...

they walk around like drunken fools all the time. Sad

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