Saturday, November 21, 2009

Pioneer Woman Book Signing {Minneapolis}


I still can't stop smiling. It's been a BIG, BIG day around these here parts. Ree Drummond was here! My mom was kind enough to come along with me. Thank you Mom for being my sidekick today! We finally decided that getting there at 10am would work best for us. But let me tell you, I went back and forth on that all week even contemplating 8am. I had no idea what other people would do, so it was a real gamble. It was very nice to find out that the first person in line got there at 7:30am and the 2nd at 9am. By the time we arrived at 10am, we were only about 40 people back in line. And I would have said that there were a thousand people there, but a news account I read said that only 550 people showed up. Really? That seems super low to me. My guess is that it took about 6 hours to get through that many people. Ree's poor hand!

This was about 15 minutes into the wait. Long before they opened up the holding pen.


At about 11:30, they let us in to this line. They used cattle prods. Not really. The crazy part was that they wouldn't let you in there unless you had a copy of the book. OK, so that part doesn't sound crazy, but this next bit does. They didn't have books available for purchase until much, much later. So, had you been the person that got there at 7:30am and were expecting to buy your book there, you wouldn't have been allowed in the actual line. I lent a book to one of our line neighbors so she could get through without a hassle. I am so glad I bought all 4 of mine from Amazon way in advance.

Oooo..I just peeked and they are only $10.75 at Amazon right now. That's a steal, because this book is wonderful. You should buy one for everyone you know and their sister. Even though most of the recipes are on her blog, it's great to have them all in one spot. And I love the little anecdotes and photos sprinkled throughout. This book is just plain beautiful!!! Pages 132-3 are my favorite, in case you wanted to know. And I think it's funny how you can read another blog and know that they read PW too. A bit of Ree-Speak sneaks in. She's just so contagious and fun. But enough about me y'all.



Just under an hour to go, we saw a bomb-sniffing dog walking all over (and under) the platform and sniffing in the garbage cans. Bomb sniffing dogs, that's how you know you've arrived. Pioneer Woman is BIG stuff I tell ya. If you don't read her blog yet, I highly recommend you start this instant. Here, I'll make it easy for Or better yet, start with the story of how she met Marlboro Man. That's what hooked me. I stayed up all night reading every post about a year ago.

It was tons of fun to be in the 4th row, for the hour it took us to get to the front, and just watch it all unfold. When she came out, she started with some questions from the audience. Someone asked if she was going to write another book and she announced that "High Heels to Tractor Wheels" was being made into a book. Yippee!!! It will include what's already on her blog, she will be adding lots more to that part and then including a 2nd part that is not on the blog. This will be a fun book to have. I just love her writing style.


She sounds just as sweet as you'd expect her to and was a delight to listen to. She lamented that she may never see her boys again since they were having so much fun riding the roller coaster. But then it happened. A Marlboro Man sighting to our left. He and the boys were pretty much instantly mobbed and people were having photos taken with them and getting their autographs too. Then more security came and escorted them up to the stage.

Boots and all.

And can I just say how disappointed I was about all the cat-call type comments I heard about her husband? I'll spare you the details. But since when is that ever appropriate? If it were men doing that to a woman wouldn't that be considered disgusting? Let's have a little more respect for Ree, her children, her husband and our own husbands. Nobody should be coveting someone else's husband like that.


Her boys are just adorable and every bit as spunky as they are on the ranch.


These two make me wish my Sam had a brother.


As an added bonus, she was giving every one there a PW Book Tour t-shirt. It's really nicely done. Artwork is similar to that on her blog and cookbook.


I just visited Wild Olive Tees, the company that made the shirt, and they have some super cute tees. Like this one, this one, this one and this one. But, let me just say that they are fitted and run small. I wear a size 12 (shhhhh) and the XL is snug but wearable.


Here is a Trish's (a local reporter) blog on the events. You can see the news story that she aired that night, at the bottom of this post. And I've been hopping around reading some other local blogger's takes on it as well. Kim, Tracy, and Kristi.


Now, here is where I admit what a complete idiot I was. I got up there, sat down and drew a complete blank. I ceased to be able to think. I suddenly realized that I hadn't said anything when she began sayong "Well thank you for coming..." Now I can say that I know what being "star-stuck" is like. I finally managed to say some sort of jibberish but it was nothing like what I had planned in my mind. I am so not cool. Oh, to have a 2nd chance.

And here's the proof, my deer-in-the-headlights look.


At least I can chuckle about it now. Chuckle. Does anyone still say that? Oh, and look! I found this photo on another blogger's post from the day. See how out of it I was? I wasn't even looking at the gal holding my camera...hehe. Thanks, Chris!



OK, now that the embarrassing part is over, here are some more pics. I went up to the 3rd floor and this was the best I could do with my 50mm lens. Totally forgot to change it before I left.

Front of the line.


Back. Somewhere along the way the line starts wrapping around the front, circling around all the people you just saw in the middle.

Then it starts going down the hall, past quite a few stores.

It was great to be done by 2pm (it started at 1pm).

Her husband and boys ended up at their own table signing books. I think it's just adorable to see her sons signing their names. I wonder what they think about all of this?


Ree, thank you for coming to Minnesota. We enjoyed having you! And thank you for the super cute t-shirt!!! I've worn it 3 days in a row. Sort of. Not really. What!?

Here is the news report from that night.

p.s. For the ladies in line with me. Hi! Here is the link to Priddy Creations on Etsy for handmade camera strap covers. I think all of hers are padded (I wish I had bought mine from her). She's even got a lens cap strap leash you might like. Shealynn makes straps with the pocket for the lens cap (genius!) and she's got a new design with ruffles on it (love that!). Mandy also makes cute straps.


Lisa said...

Angel, it was nice chatting with you & your mother while in line for the PW's book signing today. I enjoyed your great photos that you captured of the day. I posted my photots to my FB page as soon as I got home. I too, was a "star struck"!

Angel said...

Hi Lisa! It was so nice to meet you yesterday. What a fun experience we got to have. I think my hands are still sweaty. LOL Just saw you're following Trish so I had to as well. ;)

Kim said...

Angel, I wish you would have approached me. I could have felt famous, being recognized from my blog while in public. Crazy! And I'm in that picture of the line, so you really weren't far behind.

It was such an awesome experience, I loved meeting her. And seriously, how cute is that shirt!?!?

Tracy said...

How fun!!! I remember seeing you!! ..and if you are ever around Treadle again - I live 2 blocks away..give me a jingle!

Angel said...

I wish I had too Kim, then I could call myself a blog "stalker." hehe I was only 50% sure it was you, since I've only seen your little pic here when you comment. Next time, eh? :)

Angel said...

Oh how fun Tracy! Maybe next time my friend Amy and I go we can meet up. Hmmm...and you are a Matilda Jane trunk keeper too. I'll keep that in mind.

Nichole said...

Thanks for the great recap and kuddos to you for mentioning how inappropriate people are being about Marlboro Man. I've heard people are making him sign the picture of his butt. My face turns red just thinking about it:)

Tudi said...

I see me in your one of your pictures! I was about #26 or so. And don't worry. I rambled incoherently as well! I imagined Ree thinking to herself, "I hope they're not all like this!"

I enjoyed reading your blog. It was such a fun day!

P.S. My shirt is a little "snug", too. :)

Jessica said...

Fun, fun, fun! I can't wait to get her cookbook! I'm making her tres leches cake for the holidays. Looks sooooo good! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Cat said...

When I gave MM my book I thought he would sign the page where his face was all sweaty and covered in dirt but he is the one who turned to the butt page. Maybe it's because it is easier to find.

Lynae said...

I just found your blog via the Ree facebook page, and I love all the pictures you posted! I was towards the back of the line, so I didn't get many good pictures of Ree, but I am in the second to last picture you posted, in the bright green shirt. Glad to see someone got great pics!

Angel said...

Lynae, I see you and I'm waving at ya. I read your post earlier today too. :)

Tamara Jansen said...

No Mall Cop for Marlboro Ma? I guess they figure if he can wrangle cattle he can take care of himself :)

enjoyed your post

jennifer said...


Stumbled on your site from PW's. Very jealous to hear you got to see her & get your book signed.

Somehow I just don't think she's going to make it to Camp Humphreys in South Korea. So I'm living vicariously through everyone else's posts.

Great blog!

Much love from an overseas Army wife,

~Kathie~ said...

Great post and great pictures!!! YOu were much closer than we were- we got in line around 11:15 and finished around 4:15- but it was toatlly worth it!:)

Wild Reed said...

So glad to know someone else was uncomfortable with the Marlboro Man comments! I think it's fun and wonderful when Ree puts pics on her blog and makes her own comments, but when I was watching people in line take pics I felt that was inappropriate ;). I too felt star-struck when I got up to the table, even though I'm almost never at a loss for words! She's wonderful and amazing and it was worth standing in line.

Faithful Praise said...

Hi! Thanks for allowing those of us who can't get to a book signing to live vicariously....Wanted to ask you what Blogger page theme you use. I love the clean look of your blog. Any tips you can offer to a very lacking blogger would be greatly appreciated.

Angel said...

Faithful praise, e-mail me at and I'll tell you all about it.