Saturday, October 17, 2009


The kids and I visit my Grandma every Friday. We bring her lunch and then spend a couple hours playing at her house. Lately we've been teaching the girls how to play Dominos and Uno.

Every night before we pray with the girls we ask them each what their favorite part of the day was. Last night Allison told David that her favorite part was playing "Uno, dos, tricycles."

I'm still cracking up over that one.

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Jessica said...

Allison just makes me LOL!!! I love that you spend time every week with your grandma - those are memories you'll have forever! :)

In other news - he, he, he...I was just over at Jona's blog reading all about Quilt Market and living vicariously through her and saw that next spring QM is in Minneapolis!!!! I would love to go! (I don't even know if QM is open to the public or if it's a by-invitation-only trade show, but I would love to go - the ultimate girls weekend if you ask me). All that to say that if by some sprinklin' of pixie dust I'm lucky enough to go, we so need to get together for a visit!!! How fun would that be??! :)