Thursday, October 22, 2009

Shoe Love and a little skirt talk

In an effort to reinvent myself, into a cool hip Mom, I've been doing some planning, dreaming and shopping lately. My goal is to more closely resemble my pre-baby self. I'll never be a size 4 newlywed again, I have no disillusions about that. But I'd like to trade in my grey t-shirts, sweatshirts, ill-fitting jeans and sloppy comfy shoes that are my usual attire. And losing 25 pounds will go a long way towards not embarrassing myself while sitting on a beach in the Bahamas in just 13 months. Yep, super excited about that one!

So, here's my start...I bought all 6 pairs from at a HUGE discount. I paid just $7.95 each, for all but one pair, and that one was just $5.95. WOW!!! You might want to sign up to receive their newsletter so you don't miss out next time they run a huge sale like this. They have new specials every day.

Here are my new favorite pair of shoes. I heart turquoise. And these happen to go with my favorite Ann Taylor LOFT skirt from about 5-6 years ago. I will wear this next summer, along with the adorable little sleeveless, ruffle neck, turquoise sweater that goes with it, that's a promise to myself.


And the pair I was most worried about came in an adorable box.


It was so cute that I had to google them (love that word) to see what else they make. Um...they've got some really "out-there" shoes. Take a look. I'm surprised they ever designed these. I think their cutest shoes are all over at


These are actually David's favorite pair. I was skeptical about the ankle ties, but they proved to be quite comfy and they stay on my foot just fine for walking. None of these are the kind of shoes I would plan to have to wear for long stretches of time (well maybe my favorite pair and for good reason which I hope to share with you next spring), but they are all suitable for Church and date nights. goal is to trade in my sloppy shoes, so this heel-phobic gal needs to be broken in gently. Don't hold that against me.


Did you see that skirt? It's the perfect color match. This is actually the skirt that I measure all other skirts by. It's a perfect a-line with a little swish when you walk, and enough feminine details to make you wish you were strolling down the streets of Charleston with your Honey. It's by CAbi from a few years ago and I fell in love with it when I saw it on my sister-in-law (she's a consultant). I was pregnant with twins at the time so I had no idea what size to buy. I later found it on eBay. I love that place.


I love these pockets. Sorry, it's a bit wrinkly from being in the back of my closet.


My plan is to copy how it's constructed and make myself a few from my favorite fabrics. Meadowsweet is right up there on my list now too. And this dress WILL be mine, which brings me to my next pair of shoes.

I was looking for orange shoes. Not very conventional I know, but they fill that "Hip Mom" need I have. I adore the pair that Sandy was sporting at Market, but the $239 price tag is just a tad over budget. Ya think? So here was my compromise.


These actually don't fit and somehow I overlooked where it says they have a 4" heel. Yikes! It was the orange I tell ya, it clouded my judgment. But at just $7.95, I had to try it.

I wear a size 7, but as you can see here (please ignore the chipped and outgrown pedi from 2 months ago), these run more like a 7.5. If you or anyone you know wears a size 7.5 and has skinnier/longer toes than me, and wants to look 4" taller, I'm happy to ship them off to you. It will be my gift to you, I would love to see them find a good home. ***The orange shoes have found a home. I hope you enjoy them Morgan!


Just look at the difference in height. My goodness, they would have been dangerous fun!


Here's another LOFT skirt and these cuties will be smashing with it. The white edging across the toes rubs a bit, but maybe I can glue a little felt in there, not sure.


I also bought a couple of basic heels that are sure to go with all those "nothing-goes-with-this" outfits.


I really like the stacked wooden heel...


and the contrast stitching. Not crazy about the little metal jean detail though, especially on the khaki pair. It didn't seem quite so noticeable in the photo on-line. But they are still cute and I'm sure I'll wear them a lot.


I also ordered a pair of yellow polka dot heels that haven't arrived yet. This was another great deal at just $12 (including shipping). I had a hard time choosing between the lime green, orange and yellow. Now I'm wishing I could have bought all three. The $15 coupon I used has expired, but I've had a lot of fun following this blog and this one, for these great deals.


Well, it's been fun dreaming about a sunnier, hipper look, but now it's back to reality, and a gloomy cold day.


Jessica said...

You had me at "yellow polka dots"...(insert heart flutter here)

So fun! And what a great deal you got!!! The Irregular Choice wedges scream "spring date" to a walking-around-the-piazza eating gelato kind of way :)

These have been on my radar:

I love the unexpected purple color and they so remind me of Sandi's Meadowsweet every time I look at them...which is a couple of times a day - he, he, he.

I LOVE shoes!!

Kori said...

OH such cute hip mommy shoes hehe! they are adorable you will be one cute chick this spring!

P.s. hope all your babies are feeling better super soon! Wishing a smooth easy weekend with them :)

mary said...

I'm super in love with all of those shoes.

Kim said...

I hear ya on the weight loss thing, in fact, I blogged about it today! I would love to go on a shoe binge but hubby would kill me! I'll just admire yours. (And I love the orange ones!)

Destination Seaborn said...

What great shoes! They're all so cute, It's hard to choose a favorite. I love how they co-ordinate with all your skirts:) Lisa

jenjen said...

Oh my goodness! How do I not know about that site??? I love those aqua and cream shoes - I want them. Darling!


Beth@The Stories of A to Z said...

I am so glad you hooked up with the party. Your old post is PERFECT for it and I am so excited to have another resource for cheap shoes. (As will be everyone who currently hates me for not having a Gabriel Brothers near them.) I love all of your finds but am especially partial to the orange ones that didn't fit. Soooo cute! (Also love your photostyling by the way. :) Thanks for joining in on the fun!

Sandy said...

I'm trying to look into all the shoes entered.. and so far, your shoes turn me on the

Nice choices...

Grace @ Ruby Moon Designs said...

Lovely shoes! And that site is awesome...just checked it out and saw tons of cute shoes for little $!!! Yay!

Blessings, Grace