Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Chicken Bundles

This was dinner last night. And I wish it was for lunch today! But I sacrificed the leftovers to David. I don't think he minded having to whisk the one remaining bundle out of the house quickly, before I could change my mind.


Recipe for Chicken Bundles

These are a favorite at our house, even my girls love them. It's probably already in your recipe box, right next to the Ritz cracker and poppyseed chicken dish everyone seems to make but has a different name for (love that one too!).

My friend Sara made these for us years ago when we stayed with them in DC. I misplaced the recipe but found it again at Tasty Kitchen. I love that site!

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Jessica said...

These look delish!! Must try them out. And you're right, that poppyseed chicken is an all-around fave!