Monday, July 13, 2009

Welll... looks like Gretchen + Jeremiah could very well be the winners. We had an amazing turn-out of votes last night. This is a huge testament to the power of facebook and networking. We started the day in a super tight race, only ahead by one percentage point. But we ended the night ahead by 6 points. Wow!

I personally know of people in 10 different states that were voting and I saw friends with more than 500 friends on facebook, that were posting the link to vote as well. My brother had it advertised on his merchants circle site where he has 3000 contacts. We did an amazing job getting the vote out when it came down to crunch time. I think the tight race really inspired people. Many commented that they were living vicariously through them or that they didn't realize how competitive they were at heart. Even my dad went to the library to vote since they don't have a computer at home. A great big thank you to all of you out there that were voting for Gretchen and Jeremiah.

Here was Gretchen's thank you just after midnight last night.

"THANK YOU EVERYONE! You are such beautiful people. I feel like crying. I think your support means more to me than winning the wedding. They have to tally the votes add them together. Will let us know tomorrow. I'll let you know as soon as I do. Thanks again!"

And Jeremiah's...

" Thanks everybody. Guess we'll let you know who wins by 5:00 (pm). They have to still tally the votes and add them to the other site. THERE'S NO WAY WE COULD HAVE MADE IT THIS FAR WITHOUT YOU! We appreciate it. Gretchen and I think your support means more to us than winning the wedding. But I bet we could all use a really big party by now!"

There were two different web-sites that we could vote from. Only one of them showed a graph of who was winning, and at what percentage. The other site did not show that, and a lot of people were not able to vote every day as promised. Also, that site was shut down a whole day early. We aren't sure why. But we think they still need to add the votes from that site ( to the one we voted on yesterday ( to determine the ultimate winner.

Confusing, I know! So it really depends on how many votes were already at the other site. But given how far away 1st and 2nd places were, I can't imagine that there are enough to make up the difference. But, you never know, so we aren't calling it official until they get the call.

The winner is supposed to get a call sometime today before 5pm (CST). My guess is that's so it can make it on the early news tonight. KARE11 owns the metromix site so I will be watching KARE11 starting at 5 today. If I hear any news before that, I'll be sure to let you know!

Thanks again for all your help!


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