Monday, June 29, 2009

Here fishy...fishy...fishy.


Our spoiled week-end was salvaged when we were able to take the girls fishing Sunday afternoon. Saturday morning, the girls were looking forward to a Birthday party that was rained out. Happy Birthday Baby Alex! He's two now, so I think we better drop the "baby." We'll drop your present off later this week.

Just when Dave had gotten to my parents house (Boppa & Kiki's), with the girls to work on hooking up their tv/dvd stuff, he got called in to work. The girls were not happy to be going home so soon. The power had gone out and the air conditioners had stopped working. This is a huge deal when they are a necessity in the ginormous server room, to keep everything from literally melting. His 14 hour day didn't end until midnight! He also missed out on dinner with his dad (who lives in Florida). He had flown up for just the week-end and Saturday night was "our" time with them. The kids and I went and had fun, but felt bad that Dave had to miss out. We were shocked when we went out to lunch on Sunday, and seated just 2 tables away, less than just 5 minutes after us, was his dad (on their way to the airport). What a treat, so that was the silver lining.

So, on Sunday, after lunch and a nap, we went fishing. I had no idea they made PINK bait! Great idea Honey, that made it even more fun for the girls.

I managed to snap a pic of Allison doing her trademark "shirt twirl." This girl loves to twirl not only her hair (into knots I might add), but also her clothes. My grandma tells me that my mother was a hair twirler too.

Sam wasn't left out, he had fun throwing his toy in the water. We were glad to see that it floats. And isn't he adorable as "King" Sam? hehe

We cast their PINK Princess rods right next to the dock so they could see everything. Still, we managed to catch 3 little guys that we happily threw back in. The fella next to us caught a gorgeous large mouth bass. At least 18" long I think. I should have thought to ask for his e-mail address to send him this pic. But now that I see what his tattoos are of, I'm a little glad I didn't. I think he enjoyed all the ooo-ing and ahh-ing we did over it though.


I've finished 3 projects and I'm almost done with my first tutorial. I'll be back soon!

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Kacey & Kandy said...

What a fun day!! Nate takes the kids fishing too!! So funny that Allison twirls her hair! Mallory has twirled her hair since she had any to twirl! I am always working on getting the huge knots out in the morning before school/camp!