Monday, June 29, 2009

Candy Land is driving me batty


Raise your hand if you play Candy Land with your kids. And does anyone else not like the new "look" of the game? I wish we had the original version instead.

This game is not meant for 3 year olds. Or at least not my 3 year olds. Or maybe it's just not meant for this Mama of 3 year olds. It really tries my patience.

Now, I 100% for sure know, that I am greatly lacking in the patience category. It weighs so heavy on my mind that I ask God to grant me patience with my girls on a daily basis. I am convinced that when we ask for patience, He doesn't just say "Here is a great big dose of patience for you. Use it as needed." No, he says "Here are more opportunities for you to learn to be patient. I keep giving them to you, because you keep messing it up and need more practice." I can't wait to get this one down and move on to the next part of me that seems to be broken. But I have a sneaking suspicion that I will battle this one until the day I die. Something about "a work in progress" rings true here.

Learning to play board games is somewhat of a right of passage in my book. I adore games, any and all games. I kick butt at Pictionary and Monopoly. And my personal favorite is Settlers of Catan (though I usually get creamed), proving that I don't have to win to enjoy them.

So today when the girls and I sat down to play Candy Land, it was all I could do to get through the game. I didn't once cry like a baby, or lash out in a tantrum. Instead I calmly repeated (endlessly), "nope, we move in this direction -->" and "where is the next red/blue/" and "just take the top card Honey" and "I don't know where the special lollipop card is, we'll find it when we find it." The biggest problem with this game is that it is never ending. You can be 5 spaces away from winning and wham, you get sent back to nearly the beginning. Thankfully, Allison picked up the board and all the pieces flew off. We couldn't possible continue.

But now I have to make good on my promise to play again after nap time. Wish me, patience.

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