Sunday, May 24, 2009


I've taken the plunge into making my first quilt. Dana, over at the Old Red Barn Co. has organized a Quilt-Along ('s not too late to join). We'll all be making our own throw quilts over the next 6 weeks or so. I'm getting a bit of a late start and won't have my fabrics until the end of the week. I'm hoping to make mine queen size to fit our bed and use it as a jumping off point for redecorating our room. But, if I'm not crazy about it as a go, I'll stop at the throw size.

I'm in love with red, aqua and yellow so it was only natural that I would choose Heather's Pop Garden prints. I'm excited to see all the fabrics together and get started. Wish me luck!


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Kacey & Kandy said...

Love those colors too!! I bought a bunch of fabric back in January to make a quilt for Mallory's bed, but I STILL haven't gotten around to making it! Maybe this summer. Please keep me updated on how yours is coming!~