Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I have died and gone to chocolate heaven...

...having eaten the BEST chocolate cake ever! Sorry I don't have a photo, but Pioneer Woman's photos can't be beat anyway.

You may know this cake by another name, Texas Sheet Cake. It's an old standard, but one I had never made before. I had this in mind for my Grandma's 85'th birthday party. I wanted to try it out first though, to make sure it would really turn out for me. I had a bad run-in with a Red Velvet recipe (Paula Deen's of all people...gasp) a while back and I didn't want to repeat that.

My first cake, I baked in a regular cake pan with a lid. I knew we'd have leftovers and just wasn't quite sure how to store it in a sheet pan. Too bad I hadn't seen Darby's post yet. Sheet pans come with lids? Where have I been?

The cake turned out perfectly, but I was a little squeamish about the frosting. It was SO runny. I kept looking at PW's tutorial to make sure it was supposed to be this runny. It was. Still not believing, I even added extra powdered sugar to thicken it up (totally NOT necessary, but yummy none-the-less). I ended up pouring just half on. That was a mistake waste of outrageously yummy frosting. It would have been even more perfect with twice the thickness in frosting. Mumble...mumble...grumble.

That night, thankfully, we had Bible study, so I was able to share it with friends. This meant only about half of it ended up on my hips. I made it again the next day, as instructed. But, again, squeamish about the frosting, I poured it on slowly, fearing it would spill over the edges (it wouldn't have). You see, the cake pretty well filled up the depth of the sheet pan. Had I known then what I know now, I would have just poured it all out fast and I would have ended up with a flawless, satiny, chocolate frosted cake. This frosting sets quite quickly and if you try to spread it around later, it starts to look messy. No worries though, it still tasted like heaven.

I dare you to make this cake soon. Just be sure you're not alone when it's ready to eat, or you might eat the whole thing. Or, you could just call me...I'll bring my fork.


Jessica said...

Are you trying to kill me with temptation during these last pounds-just-keep-coming weeks of pregnancy??!! JK. Can't wait to try it! I'm all about desserts these days!

Angel said...

haha...sorry, didn't think about that. BTW, you should post another "belly" pic, it's been a while and you're almost done!

Watch out, I'll be posting my poke cake recipe later this week, just been waiting for an excuse to make one (i.e. no other desserts in the house).