Friday, May 1, 2009


Who knew little guys would be so much fun to dress?

We have these from Gymbo.

And I bought these cute little macho Robeez.
(I actually found them a bit cheaper on eBay.)
I'm just giddy about it and can't wait for him to wear them!


Why does this little man have more clothes than I do?

Somebody stop me!


Jenn said...

Sam has that POW shirt too! I almost got him the Captain Adorable hoodie but it is already too warm here for the shoes!!

He's gonna be one stylin little dude!

take a bow Jenn

Angel said...

Hehe...I bought the shirts for this summer (6-12) and in a 2T for next year. The sweatshirt is a 2T as well. I just couldn't bare the thought of him outgrowing them so fast. I'm sure I'll end up with the shoes in the next size up later too.


Sarah said...

so cute, he will be styling in them. am anxious to see some new boy creations :)