Wednesday, April 1, 2009

while i'm waiting for spring... are some things that make me smile.

finally being able to put a stick of butter in a freshly washed butter dish. it can make a BIG difference and it's something i've been trying to accomplish all week.

drawing a "j" in the top of a freshly opened jar of peanut butter. remember those commercials? i can't ever open a jar without doing that.

i'm thankful that the new snow that's falling won't stay long.

our second "big" girl is officially potty trained. i need some clapping here. :D

this is my last week of non-stop sewing before Easter, then on to something "new." i can't wait! sorry for my absence.

and while we were driving the other day...

dad: emily you need to stop bothering your sister or you will have a time-out when we get home

emily: i don't want a time out!

dad: if you don't want a time out, then you need to listen and obey your daddy and don't touch your sister again

emily: (a long pause)...i want a time out.


Marcia said...

Okay, I just literally LOLed at the Dad/Emily conversation! :)

YAY for more potty training and I totally do the 'j' thing in the peanut butter too!

Can't wait to see more of your creations!!

little pumpkin grace said...

Snow, snow, go away! Don't come back another day :O

I LOVE that comment from Emily - he, he, he!! And yeaaaaaa for Allison!!

BTW, Grace wore the Easter set you made her to our Jr. League's egg hunt this past weekend. She looked so sweet! The ladies ooh'd and aah'd over her and the Pres. took her picture for the cover of our quarterly publication. If they end up using the shot, I'll send you a copy :)

Happy Sewing! Can't wait to see what you come up with!