Tuesday, April 28, 2009

making their day a bit more special

This morning, Allie helped Daddy pack his lunch.  

In a brown paper bag.  

This little girl wants to be just like her daddy.

She begged for her breakfast in a paper bag to bring to school today.

I told her "no" cereal belongs in a bowl. 

This little girl hears "no" far too often.

So after school I had this waiting for them.


And these too.



They were too tired to show their excitement.


But I know they loved it.


I even overcame my fear of staining the vintage tablecloth.


Well almost...the plates helped.


Like I said, they were tired.


Allie preferred to save her lunch until later, even requesting to sleep with it.


We compromised, it's in the fridge.


Jessica said...

So, so sweet! Must say the first thing that came to mind are the lyrics to that song...
"these are the moments I'll remember all my life..." "I could not ask for more than the love you give me, cause it's all I've waited for. And I could not ask for more."

I know one day when Allison & Emily look back on their childhood these are the things they'll remember most :)

Way to go on making their day EXTRA special!!

Sarah said...

what a good mommy!

msburke said...

Where did you find the Care Bear and Strawberry Shortcake cups??? My sister and I had the exact ones when we were little! :)

(very cute lunch bags---your girls are so sweet!)

Angel said...

Thanks ladies. I know it made an impression because Allison just asked if she could have her lunch bag after school today.

Marie - I probably found them at a garage sale. But check eBay, I've bought Raggedy Ann and Andy sets there before.

In fact here's a few:




April said...

I have the matching bowl to that Strawberry Shortcake mug. Yeah - I'm a SSC fan/lover/sort-of-collector, too. But, I let SweetPea actually play with the old ones - they're just sweeter, I think.

Angel said...

April, I saved all my SS dolls and I'm so glad I did. Just this week the girls said they want a SS Birthday party. I've got 3 months to collect stuff. So I just picked up a cute Wilton cake pan on eBay. I'm having way too much fun! I'm thinking about cute take home favors for the little girls, homemade treat bags in SS fabric with SS coloring books and a doll inside.

My Little Pony and Care Bears are right up there on the "cool" list for the girls too. ;)