Sunday, April 5, 2009

Just right

My little pistol has been at it again. I'm sure you're not surprised though. This week-end, we found that she had peed on our bathroom floor 3 times. Not just a little accident, but a lot! We couldn't figure out what the deal was. She's been potty trained for several weeks now with no accidents at night or nap time and she does pretty well on outings too.

Well, after the third time, when Emily heard my commotion in the bathroom, she asked her Daddy if Allison had peed in her step-stool again. Gasp! That's why it's always under the step stool too! Light bulb turning on...sure enough, Dave looked under the flip-up top of the 2-step, step stool and there was even toilet paper in there.

When asked why she did that, this was her response: "It's because the little potty chair is too small, the big potty chair (meaning the toilet) is too big and this potty chair is just right." Bless her little "goldilocks" heart. I think my pushing her to use the toilet was a bit too early. I had told her that she was too big to use the plastic potty chair she had learned on, and now that she's a "big girl" she should use the toilet. Well, she's about an inch shorter than her sister and I guess she didn't know how to tell me she couldn't do it by herself. **sigh**


little pumpkin grace said...

Can't help but giggle at her cute comment! Maybe it's because I can see Grace in Allison's "adventures" all too clearly :)

Kacey & Kandy said...

You are having a tough week!! Do you have one of those potty seats that sits on top of the big potty? That's what we use for Jack and it works perfectly. He fell down in the toilet one time and has been afraid of the "big" seat since!! I think they sell them at Wal-Mart. Good luck!!